Thursday, May 20, 2010

Awards Ceremony

Hello Thursday!!! well i don't have anything crafty to share with you today... didn't have any time to make cards the last 2 days... been busy with house chores and appts. and the like... but i do have some precious pictures to share with you...

on Monday, DD#1's school had their last awards ceremony... this includes the surfer (student) of the month and positive action awards... DD#1 was up for the Positive Action Award... i thought it was a monthly thing but when we went to the awards, we found out she was awarded the overall positive action student award for her class for the whole year!!! WOW-WEE!! we are so PROUD of her...
it made her smile!!!!
here's DD#1 and DD#2... sisterly love... most of the time... LOL!
here's DD with her BFF... can't believe the school year is coming to an end... it seems like they've only gone back to school a few months ago and now we're almost heading into summer... we are proud of her and the choices she has made throughout this school year... no matter all the drama she's been through (yes, 1st graders have dramas like highschoolers) she's had a smile on her face and tries her best to make everyone happy and get along... what a great way to end the school year with her award!!
i have a busy day today... cleaning up the house before our trip tomorrow, making sure DD#1 has all that she needs for her may day program and the last preps for her little gathering on Saturday... i have to fit some sleep in there too... LOL... hopefully after all is done i can get a little craft time before bed!! be back soon!! =D


  1. Wow, congrats to DD1, what an honor--I think she takes after her mom! You must be sooo proud of her! TFS, those pictures are so sweet!

  2. I know exactly where your daughter gets her positive attitude from.....YOU! I enjoy reading your blog because it always makes me cheerful and eager to work harder. Keep up the good parenting.

  3. cute! congrats on your daughter being the #1 positive person! too cool! I can't believe that school is almost over either! kinda happy too though...less homework for! have a good Thursday!

  4. wow! congrats to DD#1! and is she ever a beauty too!

  5. Awww Kris!

    I'm proud of DD too! What a wonderful award to receive! You do realize you and your hubby play a critical role in her having such a positive attitude! Congrats to all of you! Way to go DD!

  6. Awesome job DD#1! You and your hubby must be so proud of her! Love the pics, thanks for sharing them!


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