Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stopping in!

Hey Friends!! i'm still here... with a busy weekend i had no choice but to be MIA for a little while... there was no crafting time and my space is a totally mess... i have new goodies all over the place and i am in the mist of cleaning it up at the moment.... i'll be back tomorrow to share with you about my friday on Oahu where i got to meet some wonderful ladies and did some shopping and a PROUD moment shared by DD#1... i'm just too tired to load pictures tonight... after a pool party yesterday and a family day today, i'm just not down to sit too long at the computer... plus, i really need to put away my things... i'm tired of tripping over my own bags... LOL... yes, it's that bad of a mess... and i want to have a clean spot to "hopefully" do some crafting tomorrow... =D

well then, i better get going... lots to do, not much time to do it, and the energy is running low... hehe!! be back tomorrow, so i'll chitty up soon!!!

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