Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello Kittens!! and a Fairy Happy Birthday!

Time is flying by... guess it will when you're super busy right! said i was going to share a few family pictures of our weekend and that's what i'm going to do today.... bare with me in all the cuteness you're about to see...

first up, a few kitties running around the Maui Matsuri this past Saturday.... i thought these masks were the CUTEST!!!
DD#1 and DD#2 are showing off their masks while watching comedy hour with Frank DeLima...
i don't think it really fit her face... i could barely see out the little holes when i put it on...
someone's missing here.... hmmm... yes, DD#2 freaked out as this big HK walked past... she was so scared she didn't even want to take a pix...
okay, just a few more pixs... next is DD#1's birthday cake... she celebrated her 7th birthday on Sunday with a little cake and some ice cream... we'll have the real fun this coming Saturday...
this year it's all about a Tinker Bell theme... so we got this cute 4 inch round cake from the Safeway Bakery.... it's so "SWEET" ... we'll have a bigger Tinker Bell cake on saturday too...

she didn't want to cut it because she loved it so much!!! hence we did and it was a nice dessert before bedtime....
okay, DD#2 and i are off to the mall to do a little shopping and then some time at the playground... don't think there'll be any crafting until late-R this evening... toodles!!!


  1. Glad you had a great time. Nice pictures. TFS :)

  2. What great pics, Kris! I guess I can see the little one being a little apprehensive about a BIG Kitty!Looks like you all had a fun day and I'm sure the party on Saturday will be fun, too! How Lucky...more cake!:)

  3. Happy birthday to DD1! That's an awesome cake! I wouldn't want to cut it either...

    Love the HK masks too! Looks like you all had a fun weekend! TFS!

  4. I love seeing your pictures Kris! It looks like a great time and the Tinkerbell cake is too cute, I wouldn't want to cut into it either! :)

  5. oh that is sooooo jade! she wants to go here, do this and then she's afraid! i don't blame your daughter for not wanting to cut the cake. i wouldn't want to either - it's fabulous!

    and boy, what gorgeous girls! take after mom, huh!

  6. awe! such great pictures of your darling kiddies! they look like they were having a good time and those HK masks are too cute! lovely cake too! Michelle just had her daughter's birthday party and the theme was tinkerbell too! how cute! have a good Tuesday!

  7. Those pics of your adorable DDs are just precious, Kris. Happy Birthday to DD1! Hope you are well, take care!


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