Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More TGF Sharing...

Oh what a beuatiful morning! oh what a beautiful day!! and looks like it's going to be another HOT one... i can't believe i'm saying that i actually miss the wind... haha! this last weekend was nothing but scorching heat and to get some coolness, we stayed out the house most of the day and took in some cool adventures (like shopping)... by nightfall it cooled down a bit but i had to still keep the fan on full blast... can't wait for the tradewinds to return and give us some wind and blow out all the vog from the neighboring island's active volcano... can't see the beautiful mountains... but ah, surviving right?!

i was MIA yesterday because it was Grandma's birthday and i had a few errands to do like bake n make my chocolate trifle dessert for the staff at my old HS, phone calls regarding my parting of the company, paperwork for DD#1's upcoming school year and last minute preps for a small gathering in honor of Grandma!! and today is my day to craft away.... YAY!!!! but not until i share with you the last of my cards i made for the TGF Cares Card Drive and a sneak peek of what DD#1's classmates did...
here are 2 cards made by the little hands of DD#1's 1st grade classmates... i stamped Amelia and Oliver images for them to color up and gave them a bunch of scrap DP and embellies to get creative... and my oh my, what cuteness these kiddies have... i'll share the rest another day...

these are the last of the cards i made... all boy images... remember i said i didn't have as much as girly cards?!? yes, so i quickly made these... really got to use up some scraps lying around but it didn't even put a dent into my pile... today, i'm going to attempt to try myself at some challenges i surely have missed playing along with since my mojo left a few months ago... i'm feeling almost 100% better with a bit more energy now that i can sleep an extra hour during the weekdays and not having to wake up at 5 in the AM to make sure everything is ready for school and work days... plus, i can take a short nap during the day with DD#2, which has been making a difference... wow, i'm actually getting sleep these days... LOL...

alright friends!! Thank you ever so kindly for your continuos support here on my blog and for the visits and comments you all leave... i really appreciate the amount of joy you share with me and i love to bring you inspirations as they come to me... so now, off to the craft room!!!


  1. creasions by shirlMay 4, 2010 at 8:46 AM

    They are so cute~
    Keep on craftn'!

  2. Hi Kris! Super cute cards. So glad you feel better sister. Big hugs :)

  3. Happy Birthday to Grandma, hope she has many more! Glad you feeling better and have fun crafting today. TFS those cute cards!

  4. How wonderful to spend some time with your grandma! Such wonderful creations!

  5. Hope you're enjoying your craft day! These are such cute cards!

  6. oh i'm sooooooooo glad you're feeling better! these are fabulous and i love what the kids did!

    you can keep the heat. it's been gorgeous here - perfect actually! i know... don't rub it in!

  7. What a busy girl you are! Sounds like me, hehe...love all of the cards colored by the kids, and all of your boy cards are fab too!

  8. Great cards by the kids! Glad they're getting involved and yours is amazing as usual! Nice to see you getting back to your crafts . . . I'm sure you've missed it but taking care of yourself and baby is most important! :) Can't wait to see what's in store over the next few months until little one is born!

  9. This does my heart so good but to see them in person really made me cry :) I LOVE that you did this w/ them and I thank you so much for putting it all together w/ the wonderful box of goodies and cookies which are now GONE. I should have taken the picture FIRST, omg. LOL!!! I got your email-SO SORRY I haven't responded but I will!! You have been on my mind, girlie!!! xoxo


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