Thursday, June 30, 2011

a big MAHALO for a big SURPRISE!!

Happy Thursday peeps!!! i'm on the slow boat today as i was up til 430am crafting and then awoke again at 8am... ooooh, someone want to send me some strong coffee... i feel like i'm hangin' and i didn't even take the drink... LOL... funny words of expression huh?!

so i know i said i would share my other Island Paperie card, but i'm gonna save that for tomorrow because i have a FABULOUS SURPRISE RAK to share with you...

funny story actually.... Joy of the Joy of Crafting did this awesome make over project that she posted to her blog on Tuesday... this project among some of her other fabulous recycled creations was using a 2 liter soda bottle that she used for packaging/boxing... what is that right?! just wait... this project is SO COOL and topped other recycled projects in my eyes... who would have thought to do something like that... and to make it even more exciting, she mailed it... anyway, yesterday, hubby went to get the mail and said the mailman was sorta smiling and giggling when putting the mail in our box... he didn't know why until he went to get the mail and saw this....
hubby came in the house and said "what is this?".... i can't even explain my bright eyed, ear to ear smile i had on my face when he brought it to me.... i was so shocked to see it come to my house!! WOWZERS!!! MAHALO plenty Joy for the fantastic surprise RAK!!! it is SO SO COOL i didn't even open it yet.... i'm still in awe with how fabulous it is to see it in real life... it's really different when looking at it through pictures and then seeing and touching the creation... i really like the unique-ness of the packaging.... very creative!! wanna see how Joy stuffed this bottle up?? take this link >here< to check out her post.... i'm telling you, it's so cool!

ok, so whoever left comments on her post that day was pretty much in awe that the postal service would actually deliver something like this right?! well, here's proof that they do!!!! cool yah?! it reminds me of those big balloons that florists and such stuffed bears and goodies into... except i don't think those could go postal... it's just an awesome way to recycle and be unique in gift giving... i LOVE it!

THANK YOU again Joy for brightening my day with this EVER SO crafty surprise RAK!!! =D

okie dokie.... i'm still dragging a bit from lack of sleep but mommy duties call.... come back tomorrow for my IP creation... and thanks for spending a few minutes with me... hugs!!!


  1. You are so Welcome, Kris! I'm glad that your sweet hubby was the one checking the mail,too!
    And your mailman has a sense of humour!

    Just wanted to have some crazy Fun!Have a great Fourth of July!

  2. So it really does work, lol. Joy never ceases to amaze me! Congrats Kris, you soooo deserve it!

  3. omg GET. OUT! That is a FANTASTIC idea...can't believe it actually "shipped" (no pun intended, LOL!!) that way. how fUN!

  4. LOL! I can't believe the 2 liter actually got delivered! :) This is outrageous and I'm still in awe! Joy is so funny and so daring I tell ya! Must have been a sight to see . . . would've luv'd to see the look on the mailman's face . . . classic! :) Enjoy the bottle!

  5. How cool! hanks for the link I am gonna try it is too cute.

  6. Really? You can send a bottle?? That is so cool!

  7. what a cool way to get an RAK! fun fun!

  8. This is just too cool and such a fun way to send a rak! :)


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