Monday, June 20, 2011

Last TGF Cares cards...

Hello!! well the weekend slipped right past me... i did say i was going to share this last set over the weekend but feeling under the weather and still having to take on our usual weekend schedules i just felt really BLAH! but it does make a good introduction for a new week of sharings!

so, happy Monday all! i do hope the weekend was well for all of you... last day of sharings for TGF's Card for a Cause.... THANK YOU so much for all the SWEET comments on my last post... the girls were ecstatic to have participated and like me, have watched the slide show over and over again! they absolutely LOVE it! i am still very very proud of them, and even if they may not really understand the whole concept behind what we just did or exactly why, they know that they sent their special creations to make someone smile... and well, that's a good enough explanation for me...

alright, it's the beginning of another busy week so let's get on with the cards...
i really like this one too... another of my faves from all that was sent out... did you notice i didn't mat the DP?!? i love matting but i tried this one without and i like it! and i kinda just threw the layout together with the pieces...
i leaned more towards girly cards, simply because it's so much easier to dress up, but i had to make atleast a few for the boys which was a real challenge... My Guy Ian did his job on helping me out...
this one was fun... usings lots of scraps and embossing for texture...
i like the bright cheerful colors on this card.... and i went with a color combo i wouldn't normally use... oh i can't tell you how much times i was thinking of re-doing this one... in the beginning i thought i should have given her different color boots... in the end i stuck to it, and now i see that it's ok... hehe

so, so, so... havent' done too much crafting over the weekend as i opted to rest as much as i could... exhaustion has finally caught up to me... lack of sleep, pressure on deadlines, just about everything, not just relating to crafting... i'm well rested again and ready to take on the next few projects... some big, some small, but on the easier things, i have pairs of loving and helping hands...

thanks again for sticking with me as i share all the cards for TGF's Card for a Cause and i deeply thank you for all the beautiful comments! stop in tomorrow and visit with a Princess... ta-ta for today... have a GREAT week!


  1. Aloha Kris!

    Great Cards again for a great cause! Congratulations Miss TGF Abassador of Goodwill!

    Great Job on spreading the ALOHA!


  2. Awesome cards for a great cause! Thanks for sharing sis :)

  3. What remarkable cards for a deserving cause.
    These will bring a smile to someone's face.
    Great job....

  4. Funny that you struggled to decide about the last card's colors because it is my favorite one of the group. I love the use of the notebook paper and will use that idea on my future cards for kids. Thank you for doing all the generous giving.

  5. wow, more beautiful TGF cards! looks like it was definitely worth it!

  6. You've been a busy gal. Great cards for a great cause.

  7. Great set of cards for a good cause!!! Thanks for sharing them!

  8. You never cease to amaze me with your cards. Don't you ever run out of ideas? :) I love all the cards that you shared for the "cause." I am not sure which one I like best in this set. They are all fabulous. :)


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