Friday, June 17, 2011

TGF Cares Day 3....

and so do some WONDERFUL children....

Happy Aloha Friday Friends!!! i have a very special sharing today... one that just melts my heart and tells me that within 8 years of my life, i've molded something right into my children... i was caught off guard when my daughters asked what i was doing and then asked if they could help too!! the sincerity and kindness in their hearts took me over the top... before we get to that, please stop over TGF's blog today and check out the AWESOME special video that Jess made for this year's TGF Cards for a Cause event... it will have you in tears, but good tears, just to know that the fans around the world care (oh i think it was the song paired with the pictures that got me going)...

anyway, i'm so proud of them and can't thank them enough for seeing that they can make a difference no matter how small or young they are... i was pretty shocked that they made so many, since they are both at that age where they don't really keep their attention to one thing for long... i was expecting them to make one maybe two, but all these, wow! take a look....

the above photos are all the cards my 8 year old daughter created to send to Japan... she originally made 8 cards and then asked if she could make some more... she ended up making a total of 12... some of the cards feature a little writing from her in uplifting more smiles to those that will receive them... one of them said something like "if you need a cheerleader call on me and i will be your cheerleader!" OMGOSH!! i thought it was soooo cute! she made all the cards on her own, all i had to do was stamp the image, print out the inside insert and she did the rest...

these above photos are made by my 3 year old daughter.... now i can tell you this girl had tons of fun making her 11 cards... we do not normally allow her to use scissors or glue, but for this project she insisted that we do because she is now a "big" girl... with a little help from her big sister, she cut all the papers she wanted to use, colored her images and glued them on to her card blanks and decorated them with punched flowers and more... she even practiced writing her name on her inserts!

a funny story about our journey in making these cards before i let you go... so we were in the craft room making the cards and i was explaining a little about why we were making them and where we will be sending it and who will get it and so on... my 8 year old understands but my 3 year old can't help but agree... anyway, i was getting ready to step out the door to take the box to the PO when my 3 year old comes running saying "wait Mommy! i want to go with you to Japan!" LOL... i couldn't help but to smile and laugh... i had to explain to her again that i wasn't going to Japan, but i was taking the box with our cards to the post office to send to Japan... so she says "oh, never mind then, over there is boring!" LOL...

i'll be by tomorrow for the last set of my cards that i've sent... THANK YOU so much for dropping in today and checking out the most beautiful creations EVER... both the product and the meaning behind it touched my heart and made me smile, so i hope it will make someone else smile too... and don't forget to check out TGF's blog for the slide show!! Have a great day and wonderful weekend!!


  1. OMG Kris, I have tears in my eyes that was a beautiful story and your daughters are angels!!! It just shows how caring you are and how it has shown through your children. Both girls did a fabulous job creating with love and a lot of imagination. The children receiving them will be so happy. MAHALO sista for sharing this wonderful story. I especially loved the last one about going to Japan. So funny and super cute. I just want to hug you all!!
    Have a wonderful weekend Ambassador(s)! Hugs,

  2. Wow - so touching KRIS! Your daughters's are so remarkable especially the little one. Their cards are so special, I'm sure who ever receives them in Japan are going to really appreciate them. Great job girl's, they can become your assistant now!
    Have a great Friday!

  3. Kris, you have very special girls!! They are absolutely like their mother, loving, caring, and super talented! Love the little one's remark about going to Japan and the PO...LOL!
    Congrats to the House of Ambassadors!! Have a wonderful Friday! ;)

  4. these are beautiful cards! your girls really know how to spread their aloha!

  5. OMG, Kris, your kids are the Best! What cute cards they made and it really shows it comes from the heart.

    Must be they got great parents!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. How sweet Kris! Your 2 little girls are angels. Your story gave me chicken skin. What a great heart! Have a great weekend!

  7. Happy Friday to you too! Your girls are sweet and caring like you and very creative too. Both of them made great cards to send to Japan. I am sure that all the cards you are sending over will bring many smiles to the people there. Have a great weekend!

  8. Kudos to you, my sweet friend, for what you are instilling in your sweet children, and I LOVE this post. Seeing their coloring and all their hard work when you sent the pics brought such a smile to my face and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the story behind it all that you've told here. This is what it's ALL about. Love you guys and please tell the girls I want to squeeze them!!!! xoxo

  9. Your daughters are as thoughtful as their mom. You have obviously done an awesome job of raising them. We need more moms like you; thanks for contributing new citizens for the whole world.

  10. Aww...your kiddies are so sweet and thought, Kris! Of course they got that from their mommy! :) They are beautiful! These will for sure put a huge smile on the recipient!

    How do you do it, Kris? I can not keep my 3 year old son to sit still for even just 5 minutes! He is getting a lot better at coloring though. LOL

  11. You are a great role model for your children Kris! What a wonderful story to share with them when they get older . . . I think they'll appreciate these special cards even more! :) Tell DD1 and DD2 that they did a great job and the people in Japan will forever be grateful and very, very happy! :)Good going girl!

  12. how thoughtful of your kids to make cards for japan too! they will really appreciate these!


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