Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TGF Cares....

...and so do i! long post.... for a good cause!

Happy midweek everyone!! hope the week has been splendid for you all so far... it's a little crazy on my end, but enjoyable... as all my bigger projects are now complete, i can really take some time to concentrate on the little man's 1st birthday party, which seems to be creeping up with each passing day... and although i don't normally procrastinate this long, i did this time around and i'm a little stressed over it! LOL... so what else is new?!? i have a few sharings for you this week that i will split between postings, but i'll probably be behind the scenes once again as i figure out what's happening with the party things... i'll try my best to work on creations/challenges here and there, but please know that my priority list has changed a bit... so if i go MIA, then you are well aware on why... haha! =D

TGF hosted this AWESOME Cards for a Cause event this year gathering up cards to send to the students of Japan... in the wake of the devastation that the tsunami in March has caused, TGF had decided to send smiles to some students that have been affected... this was a totally FAB way to whip up some smiles to send... you can read about all of that here.... today i take you on a journey with some cards i've made and sent off...
this one here is my FAVE out of all.... can anyone guess why?!? LOL.... this event was awesome for me because i was able to use up scraps (no dent in the box though) and work on coloring/blending... i was able to test out colors i wouldn't otherwise use too....
and i finally got to ink up some stamps that haven't seen color yet!! My Guy Ian is one in that category... hehe!
so is Oliver...
and his sweetie pie Amelia.... when i first started off with making the cards to send to Japan, i immediately thought about the OA Journey set... especially with Oliver... and the sentiment "embark on a new journey", also from the OA Journey set, was a great lifter and spark in NEW beginnings....

i hope some of you have joined in TGF's efforts to send smiles from miles away.... i told myself, even if i could create 1 or 2 to send, my heart would be satisfied... i was able to create a little more than that which made my heart smile even more... as these cards make their journey overseas to Japan, i can't help but to hope that it will make someone smile and brighten their day!!

stop by tomorrow for another set of TGF's Cards for a Cause i've made... until then, have a fabulous day and SMILE!!!


  1. What amazing, wonderful cards!!

  2. Great set of cards Kris - luv all those fun colors you had put together, the stamps are awesome, luv the DP the whole combo's.
    Great job....

  3. Super cute and some happy kids are going to be over the moon to get these. Wonderful job Kris!! Hugs,

  4. These are wonderful, Kris! Glad you were able to make some cards for a good cause! The kids are gonna love these!

  5. Holy smokes girl! You've been mighty busy but for a good cause! :) Great job on the cards, it'll put smiles on a lot of faces. Man, you're depressing me . . . haven't even started on my little guys party. We usually keep it for family and very close friends but still it's a lot of work and I'm not even in the planning process. Can you plan it for me since you're always on top of thing? hee, hee! :)

  6. wow Kris, these are all really great cards! and especially for a good cause! i'm going to check it out and hopefully i can help out too!


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