Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chloe gone green!

practice makes perfect!! although "perfect" rarely exist for me! hehe! i'm jus' sayin'!! today i'm goin' green with TGF's Fairy Chloe that i was lucky enough to collect before she was discontinued... this creation was made for TGF FFCB - WOW challenge - Monochromatic last week...
besides representin' the "GREEN" cause with color, the papers and ribbons are scrap too, so i consider that going green, hehe... i'm a serial scrap hoarder because you just never know when a piece, even the tiniest, will be needed... i admit my "green" practice doesn't always work and when the time comes to really clean out the craft room i usually throw it away and start new... i know, bad right?! hence why i said perfect rarely exists... LOL... LO is simple and i can't remember where the sentiment is from... but i hope Chloe's magic dust will work on brightening someone's day!

tomorrow we're going to take a trip to fairy tale land and help a cutie find her prince!! thanks for coming by to visit!! hope you come back soon....


  1. My favorite colors and she's a favorite image. Wonderful job Kris!!
    When my scraps get too much for me I give them to my co-worker's daughter, she loves them!
    Have fun at fairy tale land. ;)

  2. Luv the green ~ the fairy image is really cute I hope she find her prince...
    Have a great evening!

  3. Sweet image and I love the ribbon trim.

  4. Oh she's like Tinkerbell with green hair! Luv this Kris and luv the "go green"! :) I'm all for scraps and stuff . . . secret hoarder here too! :)

  5. i am lovin' all that green! hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  6. Loving all the green! Very unique!

  7. very cute green card! she is so cute! i'm a scrap hoarder too! haha.


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