Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Secrets, secrets!

Yes, and lots of them... =D For starters, don't forget March's Secret Sister Swap sign ups end tonight at midnight... come and join in on the fun of surprise swaps with a twist...

So, i haven't really been around blogland as i've been working day and night on a bunch of things... and i mean literally!! believe me i feel so overworked right now but i hope in time it will be all worth it! i do have a secret (that i've been keeping hush on) to share with you, so be sure to keep following my blurbs for the big surprise... and NO! (i can hear the giggles and OMGs), but i am NOT pregnant.... LMBO.... for real, that's not my secret... haha!

anyway, just a short and sweet post today... i've been scrolling through your postings and admiring your wonderful creations! Sorry haven't been leaving much comments... try to keep internet browsing short for right now until i get things in order... i really miss crafting/creating for the fun of it... lately pressure and deadlines have got me yanking hairs and to be honest, sometimes i feel like just giving up... i'm finding time management difficult these days between home, work and fun and have been once again trustworthy on my old late nighters... AGAIN!! yes i can hear some of my friends scolding me already... but what can i do.... full time wife and mommy during the day... worker at night... guess the weeks i was sick and not wanting to craft really got to me and now i'm trying to play catch up.... i feel so blah! so much for short huh... LOL...

well, be back soon to share some crafties with you.... and stay tuned for the big surprise on my agenda!! Tat-ta!!!


  1. No worries...I know just how you feel!! My time management & multitasking skills are lacking right now :( Im in way over my head, but I figure Ill just keeping chugging away and eventually there will be the light at the end of the tunnel! Im a nite owl too ;) So I hope you feel better soon and cant wait to hear your secret...take care and happy wednesday!

  2. Hi Kris! Take all the time you need. I miss your posts though! Time management? What's that? Agenda? It never works for me and I totally understand where you're coming from LOL! Plus, my mojo comes and goes and when it goes, it's gone for a long time! Don't give up! I have many unfinished projects sitting around. Enjoy the fun part of your life!
    Big Hugs, Cami

  3. Hi Kris! I can't wait to hear the secret! :)

  4. I can't wait to hear the secret either!
    Aw, no worries Sista, I really admire how you can juggle all that you do. So you take your time and I'm sure we'll be seeing lots of wonderful projects. Hugs!!!


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