Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bunny finds a home!

Hi Friends! RE: Hi Kris! Friends, this is Bunny! RE: Hi Bunny! LOL... need some humor for what seems like a loooooong day! you might remember this bunny from last Easter, and well i am making again this year... except i wanted to spruce up his home from just plastic packaging (although that will still be included).
so during the first "Paper Doll" virtual craft parties we had (Thanks Jodi who had initially started that before Paper Dolls), my mission was to make a new home for Bunny! after i spying a cute basket on Karen's blog (btw, Thanks Karen!) i decided to try and case it.... and after much frustration, whacked measurements to make it fit right and tons of sore stomach kine laughs (Thanks Linda, Jodi and Denise) here is a semi finished basket...
why semi?? cause i don't know what else to add to it, hehe! Bunny sits perfectly in the basket and there is still space to add some candies and other goodies... you can check out Karen's finished baskets on her blog, and see that she has used some Dandelion Designs images and circle/scallop punches to cover up where the ends meet... i think i do intend to do the same, but haven't gotten that far.... LOL... i just don't know what image i want to use... if you ask me, i think it looks good just like this... but then again, maybe that is just the laziness taking control! haha!!

is my mission accomplished? okie dokes.... time to post and run.... back to busy wednesdays with DD1.... have a fabulous hump day all! muah!


  1. such a cute bunny! love what you did! he's darling! thanks for the fun last night! I didn't understand it all but now that we have a site it works! too much stress! lol! I am trying to create, type and post...yikes! thanks for the fun though! maybe I can join in when I don't have to work the next day. but if you are on tonight, I may stop by!

  2. Well, Kris!! This turned out super duper cute!! I love that pretty paper and adorable bunny fits perfectly in the basket!! it was so much fun doing VC on FB!! I am super tired, I think I need a long nights sleep... see ya tonight!
    Jodi =)

  3. love the bunny and the basket! hoping to vc with the fb dolls tonight. but first, i gotta figure out how to do that! too high tech for me i think! lol!

  4. Omgoodness that bunny is adorable! I want him to hop on over to my house! Well that would be a really big hop from Maui to here, but I think he can make it, lol!


  5. Hi Kris,
    Awwwww, cute bunny. He fits perfectly in the basket. I love the pretty paper too.
    Karen :-)


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