Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Big SURPRISE present to me!!

{ETA: THANK YOU to my AWESOME Lollipop Crafts teammates for a FABULOUS surprise!! Please join them at Lollipop Crafts for a Surprise Birthday Blog Hop!}

Well hello there!!! guess there's no hiding the fact that it's a very BIG day for me!! it is my birthday, but i have an even BIGGER celebration today.... YAY!!! LOL... a HUGE present to myself for my birthday (okay it was a little early and no i'm not sharing the numbers, hehe) and i'm gonna let you in on it....

so for awhile now i've been tormenting you with hints that i've got a secret to share.... i do, i do.... i am now a proud MAMA of my own little BUSINESS!!! Yes indeed!! after much stress and talk and overworked nights i am the new proud owner of
KRISP KRAFTS LLC ~ crafts handmade with love....

woooohoooooo!! my secret is finally OUT! like the name?!? hehe, i just had to throw in my flair...

there you have it friends.... KRISP KRAFTS is officially in business as of March 1st and what better time to introduce it to you than on an already special day!!! We are currently working on a blog that will feature handmade creations... and for now, purchases can be made at any events we will be participating in or by simply emailing me... we anticipate the blog to be up and running within a week or two... so please be patient with me and stay tuned for the blog debut!!

at this time we will only be offering the sale of handmade creations.... we are also working up a website and that should be up in the next month or so as we finalize our host, etc.... at that time we will begin to look at bringing in products from various companies for you to purchase to make your own creations! the work is endless, but it is a reason i haven't really been around... and once we are all settled, i'll have a little more time to play.... i'm super excited about this new adventure as it has been a dream of mine to pursue... with the help from some awesome friends (you know who you are) who encouraged me, i pushed myself to take the steps... THANK YOU girls!! Love you much!! hope you'll share in this excitement too!

So we are starting off with a blog where you will be able to view creations, get prices, etc... then we will move into an official website.... and maybe, just maybe, eventually a store front.... =D Yippeeeee!! the madness is just wild in my hood!!

haven't had the chance to whip up some blog candy and take a picture, but why not start without it... offering a surprise pack in honor of my birthday today, leave a comment on this post...

here's how to play for my birthday candy:
1. Leave a comment on this post by Sunday, March 20th Midnight HST.
2. Comment on my questions below.
~ What is on your birthday wish list this year?
~ What type of supplies would you like to see in the new store?

THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone that has supported my blog... to my WONDERFUL AND FABULOUS friends that have followed me from the beginning ~ LOVE you all dearly and i appreciate all that you have embraced my life with... these girls hold a very special place in my heart and the friendship is ever so treasured... (you ALL know who you are ;D)

come on and play it up.... i'm can't wait to read about your wishlists and what you'd like to see in the store!!! until next time.... much LOVE and ALOHA!!!


  1. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to youuuuu!!!!! Have a great day, big cake, candles, ice cream and a lot of presents.
    Big hugs, Zulma DT.

  2. Dear Kris. Your works are just gorgeous as you are! Happy birthday! I wish you all the best!
    This year on my birthday list is sewing machine (I just dream to have my own) =))). I think it would be nice to see lot's off different and yummy paper and also some cute charms. =)
    With best wishes, Viktoria

  3. Congrats on your new business and Big birthday wishes! So much happening for you!
    My birthday has come and gone already (it was in February) but I got a fabulous gift...a scrapbook retreat for a whole weekend! I can't wait to go.
    As for your store..I'd love to see some great paper especially 6x6 size perfect for cards and also some cutsey embellishments
    Have a fabulous day!

  4. CONGRATS AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRIS!!!! WOW!!! That's exciting news to have your own business. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun and do very well. I know your heart is totally into it. No wonder you've been sooooo busy. Hmmmmm, let me think, for my b/d I wish for something other than myself and that is for Japan to overcome their challenges from the recent earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear problems. As for what supplies I would love to see in your new store, I'd say an assortment of small flatback embellies including Hello Kitty like the one you tried to help me find (thank you) and mulberry flowers like those on the Wild Orchid website. Thanks for the chance to win your surprise candy and have fun with your new venture.

  5. Happy Birthday Kris! Big congrats on your b-day & about your business. So happy for you. Wishing you a ton of success. Big hugs :)

  6. Have a wonderful birthday, happy birthday to you......and have some fun, fun, fun......
    My birthday wish would be for some $$$$ to have a spending spree on some new scrappy stuff.
    My favorite present was a scrapbook retreat weekend and would love to have that again too,
    Would love to see more card making things in the store, eg kits with matching papers and embellies.....

  7. Happy Birthday Kris!! Have a fabulous day with lots of cake and ice cream!! and a big CONGRATS on your secret...wishing you much success on your new business venture!
    Hugs, Mimi ;)

  8. Hau'oli la Hanau Kris!! And Hoʻomaikaʻi ʻana on your wonderful news!!! How exciting and wonderful for you!! Chee Hoo!!! Can't wait to see what it looks like and I wish I could be there to give you a hug! So here's one from the mainland to you!! >.<
    You are too sweet to give away candy!! But I'm going to play along cause it's your birthday! hehehe...
    1. Trip to the Big Island to visit my obaasan
    2. Hello Kitty stamps, papers, kits would be nice. Stamps in general. Would love to see some wonderful Hawaii, Polynesian and Asian kine items too.
    But most of all to see your dream come true. :)
    Hugs Kris and Happy Birthday girly!!

  9. Hi Kris
    Happy Birthday To you, HB to You, HB, HB... Happy Birtday to YOU. Enjoy your day. Best Wishes.
    Last year in my list was celebrate my bthday at Disney and hubby and me enjoy a week, I feel like a little girl, lol!
    This year on my bthday list may be a travel or celebrate with some friends doing scrapbooking.
    ON your store.. more papers (especially for doing cards), more stamps and more embellishments.

  10. Happy...Happy Birthday Kris! Hope you have a wonderful day!!! May you be blessed abundantly! I am so proud of you for opening your own business! it takes so much to take the leap and I am glad you did! So what a special day this is! ENJOY it and just have a beautiful day!!!

  11. Well first of all...happy birthday mama!! This seems like such an awesome time for you. Congrats on the store...cant wait to see what you have :) My bday wish this year was simple...to have my family all moved and safe. But I still have yet to buy my actual gift!! Maybe I will find it in your store ;) Hugs and Happy wishes!! Have an awesome tues :)

  12. omg... i thought your surprise was going to be that you were expecting again... lol! boy, you sure did pull a fast one on me...hehehe! congrats on the new business! i know you'll do well! okay, on to the questions. for my birthday, i am thankful for all that i have. my wish would be that all those affected by the earthquake & tsunami will find comfort and peace in the coming months as they try to reconstruct their lives. as for the craft items that i would like you to bring in? anything hello kitty, but i'm sure you already guessed that... have the happiest birthday ever!

  13. Happy birthday! Good luck with your new business! how exciting!

  14. ~ What is on your birthday wish list this year?
    a cricut, I have won two cartridges but still have no machine, lol
    ~ What type of supplies would you like to see in the new store?
    more practical supplies

  15. Happy Birthday Kris! Wow, congrats on your new venture! I'm in shock right now but I know you'll be successful! You are a hard worker and committed to anything you put your mind to.
    My b-day came and went just in the blink of an eye. Didn't care much since I've been so busy with the little guy and my other 2 (you know how it is). I think I have all I need at this point! As for crafting items to have in the store? Hmmm, it's endless! You can bring in anything and people will buy! :) Have a great day Kris and I'll be shipping a package to you soon! I'm on "mommy time"! hee, hee!

  16. Happy Birthday Kris! Wow- what a great surprise! Good luck on your new venture- I'm sure you will be successful. For a b-day wish, believe it or not I want to go back to Japan! Couldn't get enough of it while I was there. Just praying they will overcome all the tragedy that has occurred recently (and still occurring.). As for what I want to see in your store? Hmmm, would love to see those hard to find stamps like Lily of the Valley, Hanglar (yeah right, I can dream right?), Papertrey Ink, etc. Hope you have a great b-day and eat lots of cake! (didn't you post that awesome cake last year?)

  17. Congrats Kris! Your new enterprise sounds exciting. I just know you'll be successful. I'll be watching to see how you accomplish your goal. Happy Birthday too! I'm so old I don't really have anything that I need (just had another birthday) but I always get excited about rubber stamps and unique dies.

  18. Happy Birthday Kris! I'm so glad that you you had a special time today celebrating your special day. May God continue to bless you in all areas of your life as you live another year for Him. Congrats on making your dream come true! I am so happy and excited for you. Can't wait to see your store. I sure it's awesome. Well, on the big purchase item that I wanted for my b-day I got early- a Burberry purse. I have been eyeing it for years and finally broke down and got it as a special treat for myself. I'm not sure what else I would like. I would love to see new Smirk rubber stamps in your store. Thanks for a chance to win some yummy candy.

  19. Wow! Good luck and all the best in your new adventures! Happy Birthday too Kris! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your day! Have a blessing day!

  20. This is so exciting Kris and I love your name! :)
    Can't think of a birthday wish but let's see what would I like to see carried in your store... I would go along with charms and other small emabellishments for cards. I am definitely interested in buying more of your handmade stick pins, the are too cool!

  21. Happy Belated birthday Kris!! Well a HUGE Congratulations to you on your new business venture!! I wish you lots of success!! I'd actually like to have you bring in stamps from LOTV, one of my many faves!!

  22. Congratulations on your new venture - lots of exciting things in store for you, I'm sure. Hope you had a fabulous birthday!!

  23. Hello Kitty!!! Yay!! hehe
    Love your new blog, Kris!


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