Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm SEW proud of him!

Hello Thursday!! what's left of it that is.... sorry this post is coming up so late... i was too tired to post it early this morning... i was going to do one of my crafty sharings with you but instead would like to do a crafty sharing by my HUBBY!!! yes, you're reading it correctly... Hubby did some sewing last night... can you BELIEVE that??? i can't.... LOL.. and THANK YOU so much for the wonderful comments on my table skirt!! i'm still admiring it... jus' LOVE it!! hehe...

anyway... since i was showing off my table skirt, hubby made a comment that he could do the fitted table cover (although he never did one before) and so i took him on his words... LOL... i told him i need 3 fitted table covers in brown to match my skirts... well, he wanted to do a sample first and created this....

not bad huh?! it looks like the ones you buy for $26... remember the red one that was in the pix with my table skirt?? that's one that we bought from a local company on Oahu... and this one that hubby did is the same style and probably the same technique... i thought it came out really good for his first try!! but now he knows the hardwork in sewing and shouldn't bad talk me anymore... haha! orders anyone??? hehe, he's going to kill me for saying that! i'm sew proud of you hubby!! wait until i tell all your friends you sew!! LMBO!

we were up all night prepping, cutting fabric, stitching and we are still not complete... i have 1 skirt to go and well.... he still has to finish the 3 table covers... LOL...

Thanks for stopping in to check out my blurbs.... and leaving such encouraging and smile grabbing comments!! i so appreciate YOU!!! time to cook some yummies and back to the sewing machine... be back tomorrow with a card sharing.... and stay tuned this weekend for my finished table coverings!!! a hui ho.....


  1. Hey Kris! You and Al should start a business to sale table skirts and table covers. Both of you have done such a great job. What a perfect pair both of you are. Good luck with staying up to finish things for the craft faire.

  2. i guess crafting runs in the family! way to go hubby! watch the orders start rolling in!

  3. These table cover and skirts are awesome! You and your hubby make a great team! Hope you and your family are safe from the tsunami warnings. We in CA are okay! Take care and be safe! ;)

  4. Your table skirt is beautiful Kris and it looks like your dh can do whatever he puts his mind to, his table top cover looks great!
    I'm glad to hear you are safely away from the tsunami!


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