Friday, March 11, 2011

Local blessings!

Hello peeps!!

well, as many of you know, Hawaii as well as all coastal fronting the Pacific, was in alert for a tsunami... here on Maui we had reports of flooding but nothing devasting... counting our blessings that we were carried through safely!! Heartfelt love and prayers goes out to everyone, especially to those in Japan... this is a constant reminder that ANYTHING can happen!

so a planned night turned into keeping close watch on the news, chatting with some sisters on FB and a bit of crafting.... glad to know i wasn't the only one thinking about crafting at a time like this... but really what could we do during the wait?! not too much production on my end as the footage on Japan and their devastation was mind boggling... being an island chain like Japan, with low areas, we have to plan for the worst! stayed up for the first few surges, way past my normal sleeping time... yes, normal is about 3am, but when nothing drastic was about to occur, called it a night... or morning i should say...

did manage to get something done... and hey guess what?! it's for a challenge! LOL... ATS is having a button challenge!! so bring out those buttons!!! had to join in the fun to get me moving... and well... i paid homage to Hawaii again!

Hula Anya is yet another FAVE of mine from TGF.... hmmm, i wonder why! hehe... while on my cleaning spree i managed to find some of these old fern die cuts i had stashed and some hawaiian themed paper that i forgot i had.... again used raffia and my brown buttons suppose to be coconuts... if you use your imagination... LOL....

so very thankful that the outcome for the rest of the Pacific was nothing unmanageable! Still watching footage on Japan and my heart just breaks each time... the measures are unbearable and we don't know what they are feeling, but we can send them blessings! local blessings from my ohana here in the islands to all! until next time.... be safe, take care and remember to say 'i love you' today!!


  1. So happy to hear you are safe!!
    Cute card!!

  2. So relieved to hear that you and your ohana are safe and sound. I've been in touch with my ohana and they are all safe as well.
    This is another beautiful card Kris! I love the coloring on Hula Anya and that fern & paper you found is awesome. I can see the coconuts! hahaha.. Fun card Kris! Have a wonderful weekend sista!

  3. we've been watching it too. soooooooooo glad it missed you. fabulous card. hope you are well and praying the GOOD LORD keeps you safe.

    hugs :)

  4. Hi Kris, I also was up all night. Thank goodness we didn't have any tragedy here. I really like the card with the ferns and TGF image. It reminded me that I also have some fern frond die cuts stashed somewhere. You gave me a great idea of what to do with them. I love reading your blog....inspiring!

  5. thank goodness you guy are safe too :) I wouldve been crafting too, if I wasnt so tired from surgery! love the card...greens my fav!

  6. Kris, I'm glad you are safe. Hugs.

    **June K.**

  7. you had a pretty productive night. it was great chatting with you on fb... hehehe! love the rafia and how you turned the flowers into plumerias. i have to remember that next time. enjoy the weekend!

  8. Such a night you had Kris, so glad everything is good there!
    Love your card, it does take me to the islands and I love the butoon coconuts, clever touch!
    Hope you have a restful Sunday! :)

  9. Oh my gosh what a night it must have been for you, i am so glad you are safe though and things over there are ok!

    Your card is really lovely, I love this image and it looks fab with the paper you used
    love tasha xx

  10. Thank goodness you are OK :) You must still be very anxious.
    I love the card - Hula Anya is adorable :)


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