Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gifts... gifts... CRAFTS!

Oh me, oh MY! this was suppose to be posted early this AM.... but indeed i'm pulling long nights this week, i was too tired to post.... SORRY!! i needed some sleep... =D

so yes... staying up at early hours trying to finish up this and that for the craft fair on Sunday.... if you're on Maui, Ben Franklin's Spring Craft Fair is this Sunday (5/1) at War Memorial Gym from 9am-2pm.... Awesome crafts, ono snacks and make 'n takes with the BF crew!! come out and check it out!

now back to my post... i'm sharing some more memo paper holders today, that have seemed to have taken me longer to accomplish than the first batch i did a few weeks ago.... but i guess i wasn't concetrating on them like the last time and i've procrastinated too much this time... hehe!
this was the first one i made this round... and i entered it into the TGF FFCB WOW Challenge issued last week, which was NO PINK! aw, come on, that was hard... LOL.... i LOVE pink!!
here's a few more... featuring different images from CC Designs, TGF, and my old faithful sizzix friend, Hello Kitty... (i forgot how time consuming putting HK together can be) made about 10 total, but failed to photograph all of it since i was packaging them as i was completing it... photos don't come out so well with the package... eek! anyway, these are great gifts for Mother's Day or Teacher's Appreciation Day or those just because moments... each holder measures 3 1/4 x 5 1/4 and includes 50 blank sheets and a ball point pen... and they will be available for sale at the craft fair... or email me if interested.... =D
no onto some fun sharing.... Easter Sunday was a blast for me and my family... it was a really busy one but we enjoyed every minute of it... started off with mass and a baptismal... then a birthday party... and we ended the day coming home to color eggs, hide them and then frost some yummy cupcakes! party cake!! my kids fave!
mmmm, and milk choclate frosting..... yum yum yum! better work off those calories....
here's the girls getting crafty with frosting cupcakes... i think they enjoyed this part more than coloring eggs... hehe! DD2 decided to load the chocolate on her last cupcake, dump out 1/4 of the sprinkles and just eat that.... and by that, i mean just the frosting and sprinkles... LOL... silly girl! she does that with donuts too...

alrighty! time to head on out.... back to the craft room that is... i have to admit that i'm looking forward to getting back into a regular schedule that includes some adequate sleep, but for the time being, i'm enjoying every moment crafting!! it will smooth out soon! oh and i'm SO counting down the days until my mini vacay!! can't wait to see the dolls!!!! so until my next post.... SMILE!!!


  1. Hello Kris-
    Those memo holder's are awesome. Luv all the different stamps you used for them. I see Blue can't wait to grab one of those unfrosted cupcakes (yummy), and Pixie looks like she had her share of the frosting (he,he). Your girl's are only so precious, what a big help!
    Have a great day:)

  2. Get out of here! I LOVE THESE!!! I was just thinking that somethin like this would be PERFECT for teachergifts too! You are SO clever and always so thoughtful, sweet Kris!

  3. Wow, you did a terrific job on those memo paper holders. Super cute. Bet those will sell out. Looks like Blue is ready to dive into the yummy cupcakes and Pixie is saying "kapu" to the frosting. Hope you sell everything at the fair on Sunday. :-)

  4. I guess Pixie and Blue wanted to join in all the fun. :) Love the cute memo paper holders. You always do such good work. Wish I could be at the BF craft faire. How fun... your kids got to put fronting on their own cupcakes. They are super cute as usual. Happy crafting!

  5. Kris, when do you sleep???? These are cute cute note holders! and of course your daughters are too and so sweet! I see Pixie and Blue are having a fun time too! Have a great day...maybe sleep too?! ;)

  6. those are some very cute memo holders! yes, those HKs are time consuming! esp. with all the pieces! hehe. looks like your kids had a fun easter!

  7. those notepad holders are adorable! where do you get your notepad paper or do you just cut them down to size? btw: i see those bunnies are trying to steal your cupcakes and frosting too! lol!

  8. so cute...me and blue love those funfetti cupcakes :) cute your bunnies, helping out your DD's!!

  9. Chee hoo!! You're a crafting machine! Go girl! Me likey your idea for those note cards and holders. I hope you sell em all too! Now I'm trying to figure out if Blue was guarding the cupcakes or ready to swan dive into them and is Pixie helping DD2 mix the frosting or is she saying NO MORE! hahaha.. Thanx for always sharing your life with us. Now get some sleep!! ;)

  10. I spy Blue and Pixie! Your girls are adorable Kris and great job on those noteholders! Hey, get some sleep will ya! You need the rest to stay healthy! :)

  11. heheehe Blue and Pixie are having fun again!! Super cute~~ Yummy Cupcakes!!

    Crafty Hugs,



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