Friday, April 15, 2011

i LOVE some bunny!

{Long post-Beware! A link to this post will be above for reference... hint}

i mean BUNNIES!! Happy Aloha Friday everyone!! Thanks for catching up with me today... as promised, i said i would have something hoppin' on my blog and i do....

the other day as i was checking out blogs, i stumbled upon a post by Joy of the Joy of Crafting blog... She and her gal pal Flat Leilani was giving away bunnies to good homes... i always wanted a bunny... from small kid time, but never got one... so i decided to adopt one or two and ended up with 4!! wowza... now i have bunnies of my own!! oh speaking of Flat Leilani, i did have one too, but was so caught up with prepping for a new baby, that i sent her on a little vacay with family and well, she didn't come back! LOL... guess she was having a blast and forgot about me!

ok, so the bunnies arrived at my home and i immediately put them to work.... sort of a try-out... and boy are they helpful... oh and i must add, TOTALLY CUTE! see here... they were having so much fun helping me put the last 20 baskets together.... i think one of them were sneaking some candy too... hmmm, i wonder which one? YAY!! 20 baskets for DD1's hula sisters are complete... with lots of THANKS to my new bunnies... for that, they are definitely KEEPERS!! hehe... now on to naming them... meet Blossom (yellow) and Blue (brown) as in Blue's Clues... he got his name courtesy of DD2.... and here is Pixie (pink) and Fudge (brown)... aren't they the cutest?!? hmm, i think you should go and adopt some too... perfect to have around for the Easter season... and hey, keep them all year through...

well, i'm thinking it's time for some giveaways... are you GAME?! April is known for it's 'showers'... in literal terms, rain showers, in more fun terms, wedding showers, baby showers, showers in general <--- LOL... so why not have a prize shower!! YAY for candy!! here's the GAME deets:

Anytime you spy a bunny (or bunnies) on one of my postings, leave a comment and mention WHICH BUNNY (or bunnies, by NAME) you spy on the post. This will give you one entry into the drawing. Come back the next day (or two) and find a bunny, leave another comment with who you spy and get another entry... For example, if i hide the bunnies on 5 posts from now until game end and you comment on each of those postings, you will get 5 entries in the drawing... Got it?! Have questions, don't hesitate to email me and ask! I hope you'll play along... just a little Easter fun!!

Here's how you can play:

1. You must be a follower of my blog as of TODAY (4/15) to be eligible to play.

2. Comment - if you are playing the game, make sure you mention the bunnies you spy on the post for that day. Mentioning the bunny(bunnies) name will get you an entry....

3. PLEASE DO NOT post this on your blog. This is a fun game for those who are following my blog already. A fun little way to say THANK YOU for your endless support and encouragement.

4. Game ends on April 30th at Midnight, HST. All qualified entries will be entered to win a surprise prize! ok, since i have 4 bunnies, 4 winners will be drawn. Only one surprise prize per winner!

Please have fun with this game... Don't forget to keep an eye out for my mischevious bunnies... they are always up to something... especially Fudge!! he is so kolohe!!

oh and one more thing... any comments on this post will automatically be enetered into the drawing as long as you are already a follower!

Happy Bunny Hunting!!!


  1. Hello Kris
    Your bunnies are so cute and those baskets too!
    I can wait to start hopping around searching for them.
    Have a great weekend~

  2. You are so creative! Love this idea- I will try to play along.

    P.S. I love bunnies too!

  3. A game? What fun! I hope I can play along Kris. I think I have to keep this link to this post so I can refer back to the bunny names, and btw, they are quite cute! :) Those are some awesome baskets! No wonder you stay up super late at night . . . you just never stop creating! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. So cute! love your new little helpers :) I actually just convinced DH that we get a bunny too!! Cant wait to see more of them..Happy Aloha Friday

  5. Hey Kris, Thanks for adopting the bunnies. I knew they would be going to a good home! Cute colors and cute, cute names, too!

    Glad they were helpful crafters, can't wait to see what other adventures they have!

    Wow, only two more weeks until the craft fair!
    They might not have me in the back of the gym, so who knows, maybe I'll be next to you!That would be fun!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I thought you adopted real bunnys. That would sure be a handful if you really did esp. with all that you have to do already. The bunnys that you adopted are very cute. Love the names that you picked out for them. How fun... game. I can't wait to spot them on your blog.

  7. wow, you were on a roll with the baskets! very cute! and love the bunnies! sounds like it will be a fun game! have a great weekend!

  8. love the baskets and the bunnies! what a great way to add some fun!

  9. Hi Kris. I love , love your bunnies and all those wonderful baskets. You rock girl. Sorry I haven't been around for a while. Just busy with life I guess. BLahhh... Hope you are well and all 3 kiddies as well. Hugs, Lisa

  10. are too cute, too creative, Kris! Awesome idea! You have been busy, girl! Take it easy!

  11. This is such a cute idea!! I love it! Count me in; and Yes I agree with Kim.. :=)

    Crafty Hugs


  12. Hi Kris, what a fun creatvie idea! These are adorable bunny baskets, I'm sure DD1 and her hula sisters really love them! Take some time out for yourself too! Have a great weekend! ;)

  13. Gurl you are tooo Cute! I love all the bunnies especially because they helped you finish those adorable baskets. Thanks for making me smile so early in the morning. Have a wonderful Sunday sista! ;)

  14. Awww how cute. These bunnies are fun I just adopted a hand full too. LOL hope to get started on some Easter project and these bunnies can help me too. Thanks for sharing and love their cute names.

  15. You are so clever. What a FUNtastic idea.
    Time to spy.


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