Saturday, April 30, 2011

Check! check!

Happy happy!!! la lala... yes, i'm pretty delirious at this time of hour... haha!! hope your weekend is going well.... mines a little tad bit itty bitty busy... yah, you know what i mean...

i thought i was going to have more finished projects done, but with running errands and celebrating a friend's bday, i ran out of the time i wanted... i do have a crafty pix to share but also wanted to share with you the mess i was in...
this is just part of the craft room... i had to bring in another folding table to give me space to lay out things... total hurricane as of 12am, but now, a little tidier... LOL... not for long... seriously it was a total mess until i cleaned it up an hour ago... not a very good clean, but enough to work around... paper everywhere, some of the finished projects in containers already... my messy push cart that i LOVE because i can just pull it to me...
part of my desk... no wonder i can't find anything right?!? hehe... i've cleaned that up a bit too....
i was working on making more HKs, but the mess was really getting to me... more like frustrating me cause i was losing pieces... so i gathered it all up with the help of some claws and put it aside to clean... i really need to invest in a wand... either from Sleeping Beauty's godmothers or Cinderella's... =D
here's the crafty pix... while watching the lovely royal wedding last night-this AM, i was working on checkbook covers... tracing fabric, ironing, cutting it and then stuffing it into vinyl holders... this is some of the new fabrics i'm adding to the ones i've shared before... very labor intensive with tracing on 2 fabrics, then ironing on the adhesive, then to the CS and then trim.... this isn't a project you want to just stop in the middle of, so last night was perfect for the final steps of completing it...

well, well.... look at the time... guess i'm gonna finish up some of the HKs, take a HOT shower and call it a morning... hopefully i can sleep in for a few hours before heading right back into the craft room... it is officially the last day i have to finish up all the items for the craft fair... CAN I DO IT??? hehe!! Thanks everyone for all the well wishing on doing good at the craft fair!! it is my first official "craft" fair, as the others i've participated in were basic community events and i'm not sure what to expect for myself... this is my actual targeted market compared to the browsers and light buyers at Keiki Day, Whale Day, etc.... so i'm crossing fingers big time!

so until the craft fair is over... take care!!!

P.S. Make sure you finish the bunny hunt game by midnight tonight! Winners will be drawn late Sunday night or Monday....


  1. Hi Kris~
    I see you got Blossom and Blue helping you too!
    Aren't they a big help!. Like what you did with the checkbook covers.. Nice fabric..
    Have a great Saturday, must be getting excited for Sunday's event. Hope you sell it all!

  2. My goodness, you are busy! Good luck at your craft fair today! I'm glad you had blue and buttercup to help you out. Personally, I'd prefer Harry Potter's wand.

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha! I guess I'm tired too cause I just gave "blossom" a new name- "buttercup!". hee hee hee.

  4. Hi Kris,
    OMG, you are crazy busy. That's a nice and coloful assortment of checkbook covers. Glad Blossom and Blue gave you a hand.

  5. Your craft room kind of looks like mine when I get busy working on things. You did good on picking on the fabrics to use for the check book covers. I espcially like the Hawaiian ones. I think Blossom wants to help you with the HK dies. Please send her over to give me a hand when she 's done. Blue likes your check book covers too. Try not to stress to much about your official craft faire. I am sure everyone will love your stuff. :)

  6. you are crazy girl! lol! i love that in the midst of the mess you were still able to craft. good thing you have a craft room and not just a craft table... hehehe! love those crafty covers. i need to give them a try. what kind of adhesive do you iron on to the material? have a great weekend!

  7. wow looks like you were really busy! great job on the checkbook covers! good luck with everything!

  8. Wow you must be so busy. Your mess looks better than mine. Glad you were able to still create. Those are beautiful checkbook covers, glad to see Blossom and Blue helping you out hope they help you clean your craft room as well. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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