Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No brainer fun!

she's late! she's late! YES, i'm late!! what else is new right?! i'm trying to blog on a regular basis and well.... let's not go there... LOL... i'm seriously trying to manage 5 millions things at once... back to my late nighters AGAIN, 4 hours of sleep, 24 hours of mommy time, 12 hours of wifey time (more if hubby is home), 4 hours of house work and many hours of work/crafting... hey wait, that doesn't add up to 24 hours... oh well, that's my schedule... are they really serious when they say there's only 24 hours in a day? ;D

monday night was all about finishing "some" incomplete projects and then i got carried away making tags (ugh hello, projects, not create a new project)... really, because it can be a no brainer, i had more fun making that then finishing the unfinished... haha! i know i'll pay for the lack in the long run...

i'm putting together some gifts sets for this saturday's craft event and wanted tags to accompany the gifts... so i started off making a few, then i just couldn't stop! my gifts sets (will share soon) are versatile for any upcoming occassions (Easter, Mother's Day, Teacher's Appreciation, Admin Day, etc) so i couldn't just do Easter tags... i did a few for different celebrations and some plain any occassion ones...

*sentiments shown on tags are from various companies that include TGF, Dandelion Designs and Hero Arts.

ok, it is almost 3am and i should be tucked in bed... calling it a night (or morning)... Thanks for stopping by today and checking in with my craziness!! I appreciate all of your support and wonderful comments and i SO APPRECIATE YOU!! Hugs!!


  1. these are such beautiful tags! wow, you were really on a roll! and such a busy person, i shouldn't be complaining! hehe. i don't have kids yet! :O

  2. Very pretty tags! Now take care of you and get some rest when you can!!

  3. sweet tags! wowie! so many! you were definitely on a roll. hope you are having a good week! the days seem to be flying by and I am trying to stay awake! lol! have a happy hump day!

  4. beautiful tags my fellow paper doll! lol! so that's what you've been working on late at night. at least you were productive!

  5. great tags! life gets so crazy, but glad you could find some time to get that crafting in :) I wish sometimes there were more hours in the day, but I think we would all still be too busy ;) happy wednesday!! hugs*

  6. Holy moly Kris! I think you need to get sleep girl, but luvn all the projects your producing! These are some amazing tags girl!

  7. Hi Kris,
    Love the tags. They look very "Springy" and colorful. Can't wait to see your gift sets. Maybe I can copy for our upcoming FCE Fair.
    :-) Always looking for ideas. Better get your sleep....OMG, if I slept at 3 a.m. I'd be a basket case.


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