Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In(k) Distress!

OMGoodness!! Wednesday already!! i can't keep up with the days... it's another busy week for me... but when isn't it?!

new challenge over at TGF FFCB for Farm Fresh Friday... this week's challenge is to DISTRESS!! now that's something i need to learn how to do... and i don't just mean crafting... LOL... can you believe i've NEVER done any distressing on my creations before?! i love the effects of it, both just torn edges and ink distressing, but never tried it for myself... this challenge was a great push to "try" it....
and well, this is how my creation turned out... it was fun to roughen up the edges using the heart attack tool, but wow, when i decided to ink the edges as well, it got a little messy... told you i've never done this technique before... maybe a bit more practice and advice will do me justice!

anyway... i needed to make a birthday card for a party we are attending this weekend and used Oliver from TGF's OA Happy Day set to send the birthday boy some wishes... i apologize for the bad picture... the DP i used is really shimmery and i tried adjusting the exposure, but it wasn't working for me... if you enlarge the pix, you'll be able to see my attempt at distressing a little better... don't laugh ok, it's only my first time... LOL
here's the latest that's been happening in the craft room besides the card above... i had to finish packing up these Easter baskets for my kiddies and their cousins... thankfully i've succeed and now they are ready for Easter.... need to put together a few more Easter goodies for DD1's teacher, A+ leader and Kumu and i'm done!! Yay!!! wonder who's going to help me do that?

i'll be back tomorrow with another creation so until then.... have a beautiful Wednesday and thank you for dropping in!!! Smiles!


  1. Hi Kris~
    Like your card - very cute! Also could you say hi to Pixie Pink looks like she's waving to me.
    (he,he). Have a great day:)

  2. Very cute card, you did great at distressing!!

  3. hehe, love the bunnies too cute. I still need to print mine out, but loving seeing Pixie pink.

    Crafty Hugs,


  4. You're working overtime as usual. Don't stress out about distressing. Your card turned out well. You'll find that distressing is an excellent way to hide flaws.

  5. Love seeing Pixie and Blue on today's post. They are so cute that I can't help but smile when I see them. Your creations like this cute cards does too.

  6. Cute card. Love the inking..Ive never done it before either :) Also, love that blue likes cards just like my DS. I see pixie when kapu her own bucket too! haha..funny lil bunnies ;) have a great wednesday!

  7. Hey Kris,
    Maybe it's good you're not too stressed when distressing 'cuz then might really rip the paper, LOL!

    Looks really good!Plus those bunnies might try and claw some edges , too!

    Happy Easter!

  8. cute card. love the distressed edges. I think that's as far as I will go. I can't tear for beans! lol! hope you have a wonderful hump day!

  9. super cute boy bday card! love the image and deatils! hope you have a great easter!

  10. aw, you did a fab job with the distressing challenge. like u said it takes practice. i know you can do it. Looking fwd to your share tomorrow. :) o btw, Blue and Pixie look like they're planning to stow away in your baskets.. better keep an eye on them. ;)

  11. Looks like Blue is going to kapu the cars bucket. This is just an add on to my first comment.

  12. I spy with my little eye- Pixie and Blue! What a fun game!


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