Thursday, January 7, 2010

RAKs and some GRAND News...

Happy Thursday Friends!!! it started raining here on Maui about 20 minutes ago... sounds like it's starting to blow away... hopefully it does before i have to drive to work... i don't like driving in the rain... LOL... been a little MIA trying to get life back into normal mode... DD#1 went back to school yesterday and i'm slowly putting the Christmas things away... other than that work has been busy... home life has been busy... i've been too busy for myself... =D have a few projects in the works that i hope to share with you soon... but today, i have some RAKs and some awesome news.... so shall we begin...
This RAK is from my sweet friend Jamee... she sent me all these goodies.... isn't everything just great?! i love it all... she sent me some microbeads (hope to do some shakers), that awesome stamp, some sandpaper, a cutesy huge paperclip, a charm (in my fave color) and that lovely flower stamp that i'll soon be using... and look at the cute card!!! Love the colors on it... Thank you Jamee for thinking of me and showering me with all these great finds!! i'll be playing with them soon! If you haven't seen Jamee's creations yet, i highly recommend you do... especially if you're a TWILIGHT fan... you'll LOVE all her Twi-inspired creations... =D
Here's a LOVELY RAK from another sweet friend, Joni H.... ok, one thing about Joni and I, we LOVE the color blue... so, look at all the sweetness she sent my way... the first thing i noticed was that darling image... i just love it! farthest to the left is a bag that she made that carried all of these goodies.... the one in the middle is her cute cute easel card and the one on the right is a beautiful calendar she made using a coaster... and all three of these projects have the same DP used on the creations... how fabulous is this gift set... Thank you Joni, for sharing your Aloha with me... i LOVE everything and can't wait to play with these... Joni has fabulous creations on her blog... if you have time, go and visit her... you'll LOVE all her cute creations!

Thank you girls for the showering of love... i'm grateful for the sweetness you have given me along with your kind friendship! Thank you, Thank you!

before i head off to get ready for work... one last bit of GRAND news... after 2 weeks of not having my Angel home, i'm FINALLY bringing my Grandma home today.... how excited are we to have her here with us... it has been a long journey to this point, and it finally feels good to know that she will be steps away... i'm overwhelmed with thanks to the LORD, that we can see her smiling face in the comfort of home and with family!! Thank you dearly to all my friends who have kept us in your prayers and thoughts and who have showered their love to us... some of you know it was a battle i was not going to lose!

So enjoy this Thursday... count your blessings daily... LOVE every second... and i'll be back soon! HUGS!


  1. Hi Kris! Great news so happy for you. So nice RAKs :)

  2. That is really great news! Glad you'll be starting the year off with Grandma back home! Greak RAKS and I love your new blogwear too!

  3. That is grand news! I'm so glad your grandma is out of the hospital!
    Such fun RAK's from your friends, you are such a sweetie Kris! :)

  4. That is fantastic news! I'm so glad your grandma getting out of the hospital! Awesome RAKS! SCORE!!! AWESOME friends! SCORE!

  5. Wonderful news Kris!!! Have a great day!

  6. YIPEE!!! Grandma is coming HOME!! :) It must be such a great feeling that she'll be in the safety of luv-d ones!

    Great RAKS Kris . . . such sweet friends for a very deserving girl! (Psst: one more is coming your way sweetie!)

  7. These are awesome RAKs! Can't wait to see what you will create with your craft goodies!
    Jodi =)

  8. How wonderful that grandma will be going home with you today! You are such an amazing and loving GD and grandma's guardian angel. Don't forget to take care of "Kris", too. Great raks for a great girl!

  9. Wow what a wonderful wonderful bit of news, Kris! I am so happy for you! Praying all goes well and sending big hugs!

  10. I am so happy that your grandma will be there with you, such a blessing. Love your raks, you so deserve them!


  11. such wonderful totally deserve them as you always give so much! love that Leila from Joni! she's a doll! so glad to hear your grandma is coming home. that is a present in itself. have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Oh Kris, that is such great news. I am so happy for you and your family. What a wonderful girf. Enjoy being with your grandma. Have a super day my friend, and thanks for stopping by my blog and all your wonderful comments. It really means so much to me. Lisa


Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your wonderful and sweet comments keep me going! Thank you so very much!! Have a blessed crafting day! Hugs, Kris