Thursday, January 7, 2010

CASE of Aloha!

Wow! what a day has it been... ok, so it didn't stop raining by the time i left for work which had me squeezing the whole 15 minute drive... it was still dark out which made it even worse... darkness, rain, do not mix with me.... so i'm driving with 2 hands on the steering wheel, scared shirtless everytime someone merges next to my lane... was very relieved when i finally reached the parking lot to my office... ok, maybe not because there were a bunch of weirdos hanging out in the rain the next building over... so i lock myself in my car, checking out my surroundings... finally i see one of the probation officers pull up and i knew it was my que to hurry up and get in the gates before he walked to his building... yah, i know this is hawaii and all, but man are there some whackos out there... LOL, you'd think i was writing a horror story or something... LOL.... no, it's real life...

eventually the rain subdued and the sun tried to shine through... went to the hospital at 11 am and waited 2 hours for a doctor to finally release Grandma... so, I officially brought her home today... it was nice that my boss gave me the rest of the day off... umm, not exactly, i'm using up some family care day vacay... i'm surprised we even have something like that... but hey, why not... then i come home to my sweet DD#2 with a 102.3 temp..... ugh... so after rocking her to sleep (along with my arm) i managed to get in some craft time... =D
a k-lusive kreation made for the Wild Card Wednesday challenge over at Club Anya and Friends... this week, we are to CASE the fabulous creation by Robin Mck... you can see her card and read up on the official rules over on the blog... trying to use up my mounds of scrap, i decided to use these pretty sparkly papers from DCWV... basing my solid colors on blue and yellow... oh i just LOVE HG Sing... and you can get her from TGF.... the sentiment is from the Anya says set that you can also get there... funny, this CASE-d card is an addition to a case of goodies being sent out this weekend... alright, not a case but a box... LOL... same difference right!?

well, hope you stuck with me until the end... my horror story (LOL), my good and bad news and then my creation... i'll have one more for you tomorrow... probably sometime during nightfall... Wish you all a wonderful night... Thanks for visiting me today... you know you all make me smile... feels good to be back on a somewhat daily basis... =D


  1. I am so glad your grandma is now home. I wish you had a better day! Hope your dd is feeling better.

    Gorgeous card!! Love your sparkles, coloring and design!


  2. one day in the life of..... you SHOULD be an author! will keep you in my prayers.


  3. Kris,

    This card from Yesterdayis very very cute I love Sing and she is a blast to color up!!!

    Great Job on this!!!


  4. YIPPY! Hurray that Grandma is HOME! So glad to hear that and so glad that she okay. Thanks for keeping all of us updated on your situation, but hoping that DD#2 is okay . . . sucks when the kiddies are under the weather.

    This is such a darling card! I can't believe you held DD and created! Supah woman! Happy Friday Kris!

  5. So glad to hear that your g'ma is home with you now. Love your card - so pretty!!!

  6. Hey Sis,
    Very pretty! That "Sing" is one of my Fav TGF images. I call her "ukulele girl" LOL.
    Have a great weekend & give grandma a hug for me.
    Hugs & Luv,

  7. I bet grandma will be recovering faster at home with all the love surrounding her. Hope DD is better, too! Your card is so pretty--that image is too cute!

  8. Glad you're back home safe. Hope DD2 is better today. Love your card! I like that color combo! Stay dry!

  9. Glad to hear that there was a happy ending to your "horror" story. Hope DD2 is feeling better. Take care of yourself too so that you don't get sick!

  10. She is super cute Kris..Wonderful job on the colors and all. I don't have this stamp yet... :( quess I'll have to before she is sold you dot into your office safe and sound. That does not sound like fun at all. I don't like it when I feel uncomfortable like that. Be safe, and have a great weekend. Glad grandma is finally home. I hope she is doing well. Hugs, Lisa

  11. I thought my week was busy, but your one day makes mine look like nothing! :)
    Sorry your daughter is sick, that's never any fun! Hope she gets better quickly and no one else in your family gets it!
    I love you take on the Case challenge, Sing is so cute and the happy colors are perfect!


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