Thursday, January 28, 2010

CHA Relay 2 and 3....

Wow, Thursday's here! i really have my days a little mixed up... really wished it was Friday already! =D so i didn't get a chance to share with you digis 2 & 3 from the CHA relay so i'll do that today... Did you hear the news about the cancellation of the relay?! what a bummer!! that was lots of fun, and it was nice seeing mounds of participation... but totally understandable on why they did that...

Hope you all are having a fantastic week so far... we're just a day away from the weekend... so like me, just hang in there... don't forget to check out my DT post from yesterday... click on the links above and it will take you to our current challenges... okie dokie... let's get going...
Day 2 - Charlotte digi... OMGosh, she's adorable... LOVE her outfit and her hair... she's got lots of style!!
Day 3 - Toby Cub.... now this critter is super CUTE.... LOVE Toby and his gleeful smiles... i used some baby boy paper from Imaginsce to make this card but didn't add a sentiment yet... not sure if this will be a birthday or baby shower card...

both cards are using scraps of DP and CS... i really have to learn how to use them up since they are overflowing my basket... that's one of my "crafting" goals this year... i think i can do that... =D

hopefully i'll be back soon with another creation.... it's been cold and rainy here since yesterday and i didn't have a mojo to create anything last night... got to rest up but i'm still exhausted... not enough time in a day to complete all that i'd like to... and on top of that, i'm car-less which is leaving me so sad... i feel lost not being able to transport myself to and from work... but because of a little fender bender on Monday, it left my bumper with a few scratches and the screw holding my bumper to the frame ripped and popped it out... luckily i was able to get an appointment with the auto body shop and should be getting my car back today... i'm crossing my fingers! Thanks to the person that hit me for a speedy claim and immediately paying for the damages... okay, enough about my sad story... just thankful no one got hurt when it occured... alrighty... i end it at this... Hope everyone has a wonderful day and i'll talk to you soon!!! Hugs!


  1. OMG yes you are right at least no one got hurt...amen for speedy claims...Love your cards...i was bummed when they had to cancel the relay it was fun....have a good thursday...hugs Liann

  2. What a bummer about your car Kris. Glad no one was hurt though. Well, these 2 cards are just adorable. They both make me smile. Hugs!!

  3. Great job on using your scraps--we all need to do that! Yes, cars can get fixed but thank goodness no one was hurt! Take care, sweetie, the weekend is almost here...

  4. oh my kris! sorry to hear about the fender bender . . . glad you're okay.

    cute cute cards using the images! luv charlotte; she's so darn sassy yeah! have a great weekend gf!

  5. You go girl! You are on a roll, keep it coming!


  6. Glad no one was hurt. Your cards are adorable! TFS :)

  7. oh these are both just too cute. and so glad ou weren't hurt in the fender bender.

    hugs :)

  8. Hey Kris,

    I know it has been forever since I have been able to get out and visit have not been feeling the best these days as I am sure you well understand.

    I spent a lot of time on the phone with Jess while she was at CHA well not a lot but some each day and there was so many problems with everything going on with the gallery crashing and people not playing right and the girls who were helping them getting so many nasty letters I totally get why they had to pull the plug but it was fun while it lasted!!!

    Great job on these I had fun with them too!!!


  9. Your cards are super cute!!! I finally get to craft tonight, it's been too long, lol!

  10. Oh Kris this card is far too cute! lovingthe colours and gorgeous layouts. Fab papers too. Loving the glitter!
    love tasha xx


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