Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just a note....

Hey friends!!! just a little note to say that i've been a little MIA the last 2 days... haven't really done any crafting over the weekend cause i've been feelin' a tad bit under the weather... Had a beautiful weekend with the family, with a little more than expected list of chores... DD#2 is feeling a whole lot better (phew), but got called from DD#1's school yesterday that her gums were a little inflammed and really bothering her... took her to see the dentist and it turned out that her tooth was loose and caused an infection so they had to pull it.... my poor baby... but she's all better and ready to go back to school today...

I was so stoked to see that this card here was chosen as MMSC35's weekly bonus winner... that was awesome news to receive... Love playing the MM challenges, and i'm sure you'll love it too if you join along... go and check them out... Priscilla is a great hostess and her DT is fabulous... there's a link to the blog on my sidebar...

Don't think i'll have a creation for you later but please join me tomorrow for my DT cards for Flutter By Wednesday and the Diedrich Dare... i'm so excited to show you those...

I hope i start feeling better soon!!! i'm missing out on a lot of happenings with you all... and have been behind the scenes just commenting on what i can keep up with for the time being... i have some interesting and beyond exciting news that i'm eagerly awaiting to share with you too... not just yet, but soon! =D it's got me grinning from ear to ear... well, off to work for me... hope i can manage another day... even with feeling lousy... Have a BEAUTIFUL day everyone!!!! i'll be back soon!


  1. Hi Kris! I'm sorry to hear you're under the weather. I think your body is just telling you, "I need some rest!". But, as a young mom, wife, caring granddaughter and working woman, I guess there's not much time left for that, huh. Please take care and get better. And, congrats on your win!!!

  2. OH Kris,
    Please do get better, I'm so missing your wonderful creations. It's not the same blogging without seeing something posted my KRIS! Please do get better and that those vitamins! :) Have a great day!

  3. So sorry you feel that way sister. Hope you feel better very soon. Congrats on winning :) Hugs.

  4. It is just so hard to see our little ones in pain! I am glad they were able to pull it and make better. My daughter had been complaining about a lose tooth - we got her an appointment for next week. Hopefully they can take care of hers too. Take care of yourself!

  5. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling great Kris, though I am excited to hear your big news! :)

  6. I hope that you are feeling much better today Kris!!
    Jodi =)


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