Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sqaure-ing it up for 2012!

Hey!! so has everyone survived Christmas?! i surely hope it was filled with love, laughter, joy, family and friends!! well, cause that's how i roll! hehehe... we had a splendid weekend celebrating with family and friends on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day... Kids were delighted, Mommy and Daddy were happy and the eating never ended... LOL... there went my dropping 3 sizes... and Hubby surprised me with some crafting goodies!!! =D all in all, i hope it was a FANTASTIC day for all of you too!!

so did anyone go shopping the day after Christmas??? we did!! yah, it was crazy, but i really wanted to get some stuff before the stores ran out of it... happy to say that the mission was accomplished... i usually get these items well in advance before Christmas Day, but this year has been rough and i told myself, if it's there after Christmas, it was meant to be... AND IT WAS!!! i was SO stoked! now i have the Holiday Barbie 2011 and the ornament to add to my collection.... yippppeeeee!!

alright.... enough chit chat... sharing some calendars i made for the craft fairs...
these are mini hanging calendars... i used my biggest square nestie to cut out some chipboard, then the biggest scallop nestie to cut out my backings... found some great HK paper to accent the calendars completed with PSA HK clear stamps... i know everyone puts magnets on the back of their calendars, but i did ribbon instead... for those that prefer to hang it... i did tell my customers that they could add a magnet if they preferred... first time i made these it sold quickly... then again i only had a hand full... 2nd time around i made a bunch and came home with 1/4 of the stock left... most customers preferred it with the magnet instead of for hanging i guess... note to self for next year.... hehehe!

well, my craft room needs some major cleaning up... with the last minute hustles for Christmas i sorta threw and left things here and there... eek!!! bad no no! now i'm going to pay for it.... LOL...

ciao for now friends!! be back again with some more crafty goodies!


  1. Aww love all these calendars! super cute! glad you had a nice Christmas!

  2. these are really cute kris! HK always makes everyone smile.
    no shopping for me again. i bought some stamps online, but that's about it. i don't even wanna think about cleaning up right now. i think i'm gonna keep going with the Christmas stuff until I get tire of them. at least I'll be ahead for next year.. lol.
    hope ur having a nice day!

  3. So happy that you were able to get the Holiday Barbie 2011 and the ornament when you went after Christmas shopping. I was good and only purchased a few dies online. :) Love the cute calendars. It's funny that they sold out during one of the the craft fairs and not at the other one. Good luck in continuing to clean up your craft room.


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