Thursday, December 1, 2011

K-lusive Kreations presents....

{Please be aware that this post is extremely long, but worth reading... =D Thank you!}

1st Annual... Project Make a Child Smile 2011....

A very SPECIAL THANK YOU to all of you who have kindly embraced the Holiday Season with the GIFT of GIVING!! i will honestly say, so many thoughts went through my mind when first initiating this card drive... for instance, would i collect enough cards, what if no one participates, oh my can i produce my goal? yep, all of that went through my mind... and guess what?!? with many hearts of GOLD, i surpassed my collection goal!! i will admit now that with every package of cards i received, my heart melted and my eyes teared because the feeling of the wonderful generosity from those that helped put an extra smile on a child's face this season is just so REMARKABLE and the sensation of YOU sending your LOVE to a child whom you never met, i embraced with my heart greatly!! THANK YOU and BLESS you all today, tomorrow, throughout the season and every day forward!!

i've put together a little slide show for you, sharing the beautiful cards made by some FANTABULOUS crafting sisters around the world... (please excuses my skills, i'm no genius when it comes to this stuff, but i tried my best =D) grab a tissue or 2 and sit back and take a look... background song is "Give Love on Christmas Day" sung by Lorie Salvatera (Local Hawaii Girl) and it was the perfect fit to this project...

Did you enjoy the slide? Didn't the kindness just embrace your hearts? i really hope it did because it is people like these wonderful ladies that truly make the world a better place! Please give these fabulous givers a round of applause!!!!!

Aunty J emailed me after receiving the cards, and here is a little of what she has to say...
"Thank you so much to you and all your friends that participated in the Aktion Club project of the hospital dolls and the awesome Christmas cards that were made. The Kiwanis Club of Santa Clarita along with the members of the Aktion Club will be visiting Holy Cross Providence Hospital in Mission Hills, CA. in December to make our annual donation of the hospital dolls. The Christmas cards will accompany the dolls and I know that they will absolutely delight the young patients in the hospital emergency room. Thank you so very much to all that gave their time, materials and especially the love that was put into making the cards."

The cards created comes from all ages... young and those young at heart... no matter what the age, no matter what the skill level, the thing that matters is we all came together as one and made this event SPECTACULAR!

A very huge THANK YOU goes out to Jenny of Sister Stamps LLC for donating a generous amount of prizes to award some of those who have participated... Jenny kindly contacted us and wanted to participate in a very generous way... So she has donated several prizes... Yes, the prize info was kept a secret and the amount of cards received has shown why... BECAUSE WHEN YOU GIVE FROM YOUR HEART, THERE ARE NO INCENTIVES ATTACHED, YOU JUST GIVE. and that is what makes your giving more meaningful... THANK YOU SO SO MUCH Jenny!! Aunty J and i appreciate your sweetness and LOVE!!

As a THANK YOU to all that have participated we do have some prizes to give away... everyone that has sent in cards, names were put into a bowl and have been pulled... so here goes...

Prizes donated by Sister Stamps LLC
SS Shimo-San ~ Brenda and Patti
SS Yuki ~ Sidney and Lianne I.
SS Setsuna ~ Mimi and Danni

Prizes donated by Kris and Aunty J
Punch Gift ~ Kyoko and Bobbi
Paper Pack Gift ~ Jacque and Jill

We had a tremendous amount of participants (more than we anticipated) and even if your name was not pulled for the above prizes, there is a little THANK YOU gift that will be sent to you as a token of our appreciation. Thank you Aunty J for donating the extra gifts!

(All will be mailed out next week, apologies for the delay)

I've also received many emails asking if this will be an annual event, and with much heart, i've decided to continue this as long as Aunty J continues her part... Be on a look out for next year's details... =D

Thank you, thank you, time and time again for EVERYTHING!!!

Now that that is done, yes, it's taken me quite a while to complete, i'm sorry, curious minds (i can hear it, LOL) have been questioning "what happened to Kris?" or "is Kris ok?" Yes! i am ok... still trying to recover from the craft fair preparations (i've caught up on most of my sleep) and now trying to adhere to a few life changes... my biggest one, i've gone back to the real work world full time now and i'm trying to adjust time management between 3 full time jobs... it's been an up and down adjustment, low points and high, but taking the days slowly is a must... especially with the holidays here... please be patient with me, i'm still around and i do have lots of things to still share and will get to that as time permits... Thank you for sticking with me this far, i hope you continue to come and visit my crazy postings! Many blessings and LOTS OF LOVE to you all!!!


  1. Thank you for coordinating this project! You are so awesome- congrats on your new job too! Now go get some sleep!

  2. Hi Kris! It's so wonderful that the turnout was a great successful! Didn't get to see the link for the slideshow... will be checking back for it!
    Glad to hear you are doing good... life is always busy! Remember to take time to relax... even if it's only a couple minutes a day! Have a fabulous day!! :D

  3. I'm thinking of you, hugs!
    And wow...I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to win a Sister Stamp, thank you!

  4. Hi Kris! Thank YOU for opening up YOUR golden heart and letting us be a part of something special. That was a lot of fun and knowing that they would be going to those kids with your Auntie's gifts made it even more special. What a wonderful surprise from Sister Stamps! They are a wonderful company. Congrats to the lucky winners, but we are all winners in heart for bringing a little bit of Christmas to those kids, and it's all thanks to you. ;) Lastly, Congrats on the new job! I hope you will now take some time to rest and be ready to balance everything.
    Sign me up for next year.

  5. I am glad that so many people made cards to donate to your Aunty to give to the kids. It was a pleasure to make cards for the kids. Just knowing that what I make will brighten up someone's day is a big reward. It is so generouus and thoughtful of you to surprise eveyone with a little some thing. Thank you so much for always having such a big heart. Thanks also for putting a slide show together to take a peak at all the lovely cards that were made. I tried looking at it, but it says it's private and I need a password. Am I clicking on the wrong button or some thing? Good luck in getting adjusting to going back to work. I am sure in no time at all you will get used to everything. Big hugs!

  6. thank you for all that you do! and if this becomes an annual thing, i will be ready & willing! thank you to your aunty and everyone else that helped to make this happen!

  7. Aww Kris that was so sweet of you to put together that video. It's so nice and warming to see all the cards together. Thanks again for that opportunity and I look forward to participating again next year!

  8. What an awesome cause Kris - you really did put out a great video......I'm sure all those kiddies had smiles from cheek to cheek when they got their dolls and cards.... Happy Holidays to you & your family....

  9. That was such an amazing thing that you and your Aunt did Kris and the fact that you exceeded your goal speaks volumes about how people feel about you! Very nice video you put together, loved your music! Hope you're enjoying your new job, have a great weekend!


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