Thursday, December 22, 2011

January 2012 Secret Sister Sign ups

Well, the year has really flown past us... can't help but ask... "where does the time go?" guess we just loose track of it when having fun!! i THANK all who have supported this swap this past year, we've made it to SSS' ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! YAY!!!! i truly hope you are all enjoying the surprises and finding out who your secret sisters are! i do enjoy the 'behind the scenes' work of putting it together... =)

January Secret Sister sign ups begin today and will close on December 30th at midnight HST... sign up now by posting a comment here or by emailing me... There will be NO THEME for January... ANYTHING GOES!

Here's a little blurb on my mini rules (Please take note on the items in red):

1. You can swap anything you think is appropriate. Such as cards, 3d projects, gift tags, altered items, etc. You are not restricted to just a card for each swap... for example, you can do a card this month and gift tags next month, etc... be creative and use your talents! Many of you do not limit yourself to cards, there are some that do awesome jewelry, altered items and so on, so this is the swap to make something special and surprise someone... can't get creative? no problem, you are free to sub in a RAK too!

2. I kindly ask that you please send out your swaps before month's end. Please take into consideration snail mail timing. If you cannot mail your swap before the end of the month, you are given until the 5th day of the following month to do so. This will allow some time for your Secret Sister to receive it. If nothing has been received within 10 days past the end of the month, i will not include you in future sign ups. Please friends, let's play fair.

PREVIOUS PLAYERS, i have your info so all you have to do is comment that you will be participating on this post... here's a list of those who have signed up for their spots:

Kim, Karen and Gail

Ladies, if you signing up has changed since your last request, please let me know ASAP... thank you!! **If it is easier for you to sign up a month or so ahead, that is totally fine too!

NEW PLAYERS, please email me at krisnal5868 at hotmail dot com to sign up for January with the subject SSS or Secret Sister Swap and the following info: Name, Address, Blog URL (if you have one) and Best Email to contact you... i will send you a confirmation email that i have received your info...

**Please note that swap info is sent out by the 2nd day of the swap month. If you miss the sign up deadline, it doesn't hurt to shoot me an email and ask if you can still play. There may be a chance i'm still sorting through the players and can add you in...


  1. Hi Kris,
    You can just keep me signed in,lol, having fun, hope my dec sister recieved my swap.........:))
    lotsa luv

  2. Hello Kris~
    Please delete me for now, since I'm coordinating my own swap too.. Thanks..
    Happy Holiday's!

  3. Hi Kris! I hope that you are feeling better. I can't believe that it's been a year since you started the SS Swap. I have had a blast participating in it each month. Nov. and this month was a little difficult to find time to make some thing because of holidays. You can definitely count me in for Jan. Have wonderful Christmas and Happy 2012. Please say hello to your family for me. Big hugs!

  4. Hello Kris
    Just to said... Merry Christmas!
    Greetings from PR
    *Hope one day I join the swap.*

  5. Hello Kris
    Merry Christmas
    I will be signing up and Mary Bennett too!

    Thanks so much for hosting

  6. Hi Kris,
    Yes it is so much fun swaping with all you gals but I feel sorry for my daughter Jayne Converse when she and I swap as she loves getting other gals names so hope she gets that and also Colleen is a wonderful swap partner she is so sweet. thank you Colleen, for all your pretty cards and etc. thanks Kris for heading this swap for us as we know it is a lot of work envolved.

  7. Yikes! I almost missed the sign ups! Thanks so much for coordinating girly. This has been so much fun and I can't wait to continue on. If you don't mind, sign me up for the rest of 2012 that way I don't miss any deadlines. lol!
    Congrats and cheers to the New Year!

  8. Hi Kris,
    I would like to join the swap again. Will email you my info again just in case you do not have it.
    Thanks for putting it together.

  9. Hi Kris,

    I would like to do it again for jan!

  10. Hi Kris! I'm gonna take a little break from the Secret Sister Swap :( just have to catch up with few things first! It's been truly sooo much fun to swap with and meet such wonderful sweet sisters! Hoping to get back in real soon! ;)

  11. Happy New Year, Kris! I want to sign up again for January. Thanks and I hope you and yoru family are ahvnig a great New Year!

  12. If possible Kris, go ahead and put me down for the year! :)


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