Friday, February 11, 2011


Alright... i know i said i had a lot to share... i still do.... but i've been MIA once again in hopes that i can get rid of this cold/sickness... this time around, it's got me not wanting to craft at all... i sit at my desk and my head just stays stuffy... usually i could do little things, but nope, can't even do that... so for the time being, i'm going to lay low (in other words lay in bed) and try and get better... once i'm feeling better i'll share the rest of the things i've been holding on to... =/

Dear Mr. Cold....

Please go away! I've tried everything to get rid of you but you're just SO stubborn and annoying if i may add. You make the day drag, food tasteless, sleeping uncomfortable and my mood irritable. Medicines won't cure you, vicks and cough drops do nothing, what will it take to just send you away?

Dear Ms. Sick and Irritable...

Too bad! Just deal with it!

Mr. Cold

Haha!!! Gottah atleast have a sense of humor when sick!! LOL... Take care, try not to catch what's been going around and i'll be back soon! miss you all!! =D

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