Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh jus' CLIP it!

Hellllo Tuesday!!! ok, yah i'm a little "late" into the night to be posting, but hey, please give me some slack as i'm a bit under the weather... so much for pre-posting huh! i really did mean to post this earlier but chose to stay in bed..... stuffy head, congestion, cough, blah! the wonders of being sick! Thanks for all the get well wishes too!! really puts a smile on my facey....
see ---> =D

alright, so i have a few more sharings for you and today is all about CLIPS!! best thing about doing these clips, you can use up those scraps... even the itty bitty ones....
that's exactly what i did here... these are the really small binder clips... i had some medium ones too but failed to photograph them (don't know how i missed it)... again making these didn't dent my pile but i made good use of the smaller scraps... and i was really surprised i sold some of these at the keiki karnival... guess i'm not the only one that likes to "color" my office supplies... LOL
here's some jumbo paper clips that i also used scrap on.... one side is just a punch out of scrap and on the other i used my MS layering daisy punch and added a rhinestone to the middle... not much of these sold but i did sell some...

all in all doing the keiki karnival was a great experience... it wasn't a full blown craft fair but we met some awesome vendors/crafters and made some contacts for future events... not bad at my first attempt... so this week and hopefully next, i'll be laying low on the crafting and catching up on those zs, cause we already got a space for another event next month, which means i'll be back to crafting full blown again! well, unless i start prepping now... haha!!

Thanks for coming by today and checking out my creations... be back tomorrow for more sharings.... Smile!!


  1. great clips and flowers! good luck at the next fair and hope you feel better soon :)

  2. Wow! Look at all those clips that you made. I was going to make some for gifts for Valentine's Day, but I realized how many I have to make so I decided to make some thing different. Maybe I can make them for next year if I start earlier. I don't have the energy like you to stay up. :) I hope that you are feeling better soon.

  3. cute clips. love the different DP you used. what a cute idea. now you can just add them to your post it notes! lol! hope you are feeling better. get well soon! happy hump day!


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