Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Post-it! Literally!

Good Morning to yah peeps!! techniquely it should be good night since i haven't slept yet.. LOL... oh well! anywho, Happy Wednesday!! day or night... =D

caffeine has been my "bestest" friend this week... naps have been second... counting right now, i have 3 more days of sleepless nights... okay, okay, i do get about 4 hours of sleep and an hour or 2, nap during the day... after this weekend it should be back to my regular schedule which i have penned in "SLEEP!" LOL...

so i'm savoring the fact that i've finally taken some pictures of my completed projects, but i'm not going to share them all at once... my blog is in need of some love of regular postings so i'll share a project every day or so... today i have post-its to share...

i am extremely happy to say that i've been using alot from my scrap pile for most of my projects... with an exception for the bigger projects... majority of these post-it holders have scrap on them, with some that i couldn't resist using a certain paper... excuse the glare please, they are packed and ready to be sold... but even with using the scrap pile, i still can't see the bottom of the container... ugh, i feel so wasteful... hehe!

my aunt wanted to buy me the memo sizzix die to do this, but i told her i could come up with something like it, it's all about playing with size... couldn't see paying $45 for something easy to figure out... and i'm happy with the way it came out... lots of paper and cutting and putting together, but some came out really cute! made about 25 so it's first come, first get it, cause i don't think i'll be making more to sell... LOL...

okie dokie, time is real precious this week... if i could add another 12 hours in a day, i would, no questions asked.... but i think i should be heading back into the craft room to finish up what's on the desk and maybe (hopefully) get some shut eye!

Thanks for visiting with me today!! I appreciate you all stopping by and dropping a few words on my comments, even if i've been so bad keeping up with my blog!! Laters...


  1. sweet idea! I may have to CASE this one! lol! I do love what you did and it's so much more fun when you can figure out your own measurements! love it when you can use your scraps too...woo-hoo. hope you have a restful week...once you get to your "normal" schedule. take care!

  2. OMG, I give you gals credit when you make your projects in big bulks, so amazing! I clicked on your photos and they're all so pretty Kris! I'm sure they will be a sell out! Hugs!

  3. Great job on the post it holders. I love them all. Good luck with the late hours finishing up projects for the faire. Soon it will be over and you can sleep!:) Wish I could add 12 more hours to each day at time too.

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  5. these are beautiful! i'm sure they'll sell like hotcakes!

  6. Oh yeah! You are one crazy girl! I'm sleep deprived myself, but not as much as you! Great job on these post its and I know they'll sell out! Can't wait to see the rest of your projects! xoxo, Linda

  7. You crafy girl! Get some sleep. Kris!
    These are way cool! Great idea! Love them!

  8. very cute and creative post its! you did a great job and they will love them!

  9. Wow Kris, you're such an inspiration!! I hope you're sleeping and not crafting right now.. hahah.. I should talk yea? Wonderful ideas for the post-its. They should be a big hit!! TFS! Hugs,


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