Friday, December 10, 2010

Sweet Christmas Gifts!

Happy Friday!!! OMGoodness, i've been MIA for far too long.... 2 of my biggest projects are now complete so i think i'll have a little more free time to post and share.... =D oh it feels so good to have some pressure/stress relieved.... phew! and to top it off, the 2 lil' ones have a slight cold... =( no fun! and last night DD1 said she felt sick... oh did i mention i caught it too! yup, i tried to be strong, but i couldn't fight it... i'm feeling a little better with cough drops... =D just a little congested...

anyway, here's one of the big projects i've been working on... took me 2 1/2 days to complete... record time... LOL... anyway, this fit perfect for a challenge over at ATS - Gift Ideas!

Since this is for a bunch of 2nd graders who really don't care what the packaging looks like but what's inside, i decided to keep this year's Christmas goodies a little simple.... yet a little girly since DD1 is all about girly!
i saw this simple treat holder at a craft fair last month and thought it was so cute and so simple to make... so i did my own measurements and recreated these little treats... you can actually make these for any occasion by changing up the papers and images... on this one i used CC Designs Santa Emma from last year's release... she's a total cutie so i just had to use her.... of course she's dressed in pink! one of DD1's favorite colors...
here's a close up... simple treat, a pencil and a candy cane.... then i thought about it, they could actually use the treat holder as a bookmark afterwards... more than likely they won't, but it was a good thought... LOL
weekend is here and i'm excited the DH is flying home tonight!! too bad it's in the midst of a storm... i pray he comes home safely... busy weekend ahead with 2 Christmas parties to attend, last minute Christmas shopping and whatever other obstacles come my way.... i hope i can sneak in some craft time too... probably not but i still hope! =D Hope you all have a fantastic weekend no matter where you are or what you will be doing!! keep on smiling! be back soon!!


  1. cute treats! hope you all start to feel better soon and that your hubby comes home safely! enjoy your weekend!

  2. oh these are adorable! So very cute!! Sorry to hear you and your family have been sick...hope you are all feeling better soon!

  3. Oh Kris, I tell you what if for some insane reason those little girls don't like you sure can send one my way... Just kidding those are so adorable! I love Emma in her pink Santa Hat. Great job! I am so sure that your daughter and all of her class are in awe of you. What a great Mom you are. Hugs to you all. I hope that you are feeling better soon. That is just no fun when Mom isn't up to snuff. Hugs, Lisa

  4. Cute treat holders Kris! I hope you and the kids feel better soon, take care!

  5. Oh wow Kris, you really are super mum! I love how creative you are. These look amazing
    love tasha xx

  6. Great idea, Kris! The kids are going to love these!

  7. How cute. I'm sure the kiddos will love it.

  8. The treat holders are so cute. I would love to have the pattern/directions of how to make them. The kids in your daughter's class are always so lucky to receive such cute treats from you. Their mother's probably appreciate more than they do. :) I hope and pray that Allen made it home safely this weekend and is safely back in the other islands to work.

  9. Wow....your treat holders are super cute and the kids are going to love them Kris! Thanks for joining us at ATS!


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