Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hello Kitty Favors

Hello, Hello!!! OMGosh, it seems like FOREVER since i've last posted... i have to admit, the last 2 weeks has been CRAZY!! ok, ok, it still is crazy... but with Thanksgiving now out of the way, i can concentrate on Christmas... =D

btw, did you get a chance to hop along with TGF on Tuesday?!?! one word = AMAZING!!! Really, all of the participants out did themselves with major creativity... need inspirations for those Christmas goodies, get your buns over there now!! Totally fab creations!! i was absolutely blown away!!

my sweet lil' girl will be turning 3 tomorrow and we're having a kiddie party for on Saturday... so i've been busy busy (amongst everything else) trying to get her favors done... and that's what i'm sharing with you today... =D
remember how i said i just had to get my hands on that french fry box from sizzix??? well i did!! see, see!! LOL... this was perfect to create DD2's favors with because her FAVORITE food/snack is french fries! i used white CS as my base and then used up the other HK origami paper (from the pack i used for the invites) to cover the front and sides... i really wanted to get a picture of her with HK but she's still afraid because HK is so big, so this picture of her with the mask on had to do... i think it's cute anyway! the french fry boxes are filled with all sorts of yummies... HK pencil, HK hard candy, HK tattoos, HK marshmallows and a ring pop... i did 3 different favors... one for the kiddies (they'll also be getting a zhu zhu pet - DD's favorite toy) one for the older kiddies (they get the yan yans) and one for the really big kiddies (the adults) that has cheese and crackers, chocolates, lychee candy and a marshmallow... man i hope they likes these because i really worked my buns off to finish them in time.... =D

i can't say that i'll be posting regulary except for the weekly challenges at Lollipop Crafts... i'm in stress mode trying to finish everything with deadlines... and i just found out one of my deadlines got pushed up 2 weeks early and now i need to complete that by next saturday... ooooh i feel the pressure.... so i had to stop everything else and get working on completing that before any of the bigger projects... yikes! can i do it?!? Santa, i've been really good this year... could you please leave some sanity under my tree? LOL.... Have a fabulous day everyone!! i'll try and be back soon!! hehe!


  1. So cute Kris! I was wondering where you got the HK paper from and then I realized you said it was origami paper. Love it! That french fry box comes in handy.

  2. Remember to breathe! Hugs! Cute little favors!

  3. Too cute Kris! Love that french fry box. Your favors looks yummy is there one for me. lol

  4. these are really cute! awesome job!

  5. these are great favors! i'm sure that everyone will love it!

  6. So cute! I LOVE Hello Kitty! That is what my daughter is getting for Christmas! What a great party favor idea...I need that fry box!


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