Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Thank you and some blog wins....

Happy Tuesday sharing some Happy Mail!!! =D before i get started, don't forget to check out this post here and give me your feedback... i'm narrowing down my decision, and so far it's a go... but i'm not saying so yet! hehe...

Wanted to share with you a few happy things i received in the mail over the weekend! I'm so thankful for the greatness these ladies have shared with me! take a look....

this here is from Brenda!! she recently won my blog candy and sent me this Thank you card and stamp... when she emailed me her mailing info i asked if she could do me a huge favor and create a crab for me using her punch art... she is truly the PUNCH QUEEN!!! anyway, that lil' crab on the card is what she created for me.... Thank you so much Brenda, for the goodies!! I hope you enjoyed yours!!!
i was uberly stunned when i saw that i had won Jenny's blog candy... this is all the goodies that was part of her giveaway... lots of yummies that includes stamps, flowers, eyelets, buttons and pearl and rhinestones!! WOW, i don't even know what to start playing with first! Thank you so much Jenny!! i LOVE the card you included too!! Jenny has some beautiful wall calendars and cards that she puts together, so check out her blog when you have a chance....
this bunch of yummies was a secret blog candy from my CBF (craft blogging friend) for life, Lynn!! (hehe, Lynn i had to bite your words, that was so classic, i love it!) i was lucky enough to be one of her winners!! Yummies included stamps, stationery, a HK pen and measuring spoons that i so so LOVE and much more!! Thank you Lynn for the wonderful sweetness you sent my way!! I actually started my blog because of Lynn... i always checkout the BFC website for projects and so forth and that's how i found Lynn's Craft Blog... She has lots of inspirational post and she shares a lot of new things that comes to the stores... so after a while of following her blog anonymously, i decided to create my own! Thanks again Lynn for giving me the push to start my own, just by having your blog there for sharing!! =D

Well, that's all the greatness i have to share with you today!! hope you enjoyed today's post, even if it wasn't a crafty one... and a BIG THANK YOU to these wonderful ladies for all their kindness!!! be back soon!


  1. congrats on your win... can't wait to see what you choose to play with first! take care!

  2. what great goodies! cant wait to see your decision :)

  3. Congrats on your win, Kris! wow! Lots of new goodies to play! Can't wait to see what you create, girl!

  4. Wow- you are one lucky girl! Glad you got your stuff from me so quickly! Enjoy!


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