Friday, October 1, 2010


Hey, Hey!!! Happy Friday Friends!! are you ready for a debut creation to show you that YES, i'm back?!? Hope so cause i'm just super excited to share with you what i've been doing...

Grandma always told us not to judge a book by it's cover... and this is the one time i'm going to say, by all means, go ahead and judge THIS book by it's cover!! oh, and the inside too... =D

i was really inspired to participate in the TGF Altered Notebook Contest... there's still time for you to play along so go ahead and jump on over to the TGF blog and check out the deets!

anywho, i never really took it in to alter or create a notebook, i mean i've done some composition tablets in the past that i just decorated but never really put one of my own together... so this was a big chance for me to do so... and well, i'm lovin' it! you can make it so personable... and that's just what i did...

after brainstorming ideas, i finally settled on using 3 of my fave Cheeky Girls that's available at TGF... Beauty Queen (who i deem Drama Queen), Rockabilly (aka Party Girl) and Glamorous (the very Spoiled Princess)... LOL, why the nicknames.... let's just say it's my split personality at it's best! haha! so let's take a look at what i've done.... here's the cover... blinged out with rhinestones and stickles and pretty shimmery DP... even though my fave color is blue, i absolutely LOVE pink too!! i'm just girly like that! PINK-A-LICIOUS!!! hehe... the cover honestly took me a very long time to do... only because i wanted to add so much more but was too chicken to mess it up... i thought the DPs did a great job with color and vibe so i kept this simple with a simple flower and rhinestones... be warned, this is a very girly girl notebook... =D
this is the inside of the cover... with the DP, i created pockets... added some paper to show you that you can slip in notes, receipts, reminders, anything...
same thing here.... the back cover (inside) has pockets as well....
i based my notebook on a 2 subject notebook... so i created a divider page... this here is the front of the divider page... the little frames - you can actually put pictures in them... notice the "insert picture"... i love carrying pictures with me so this was a nice addition to add to my notebook.... used nesties to create the frames and i lined it with acetate to protect the pictures...
here's the flip slide... same concept... just with my party girl on here... maybe to add my "party" pictures... hehe....
and the last thing to my notebook is my page marker... or in other words, bookmark...
the back side to my page marker... complete with the TGF logo....
this 6x6 notebook can be used for a variety of things... a doodle pad... mini diary/journal.... just for notes.... anything your heart desires... what would you use it for?
so whatcha think???? not bad for not crafting in 2 months right?! i actually created 2 cards before working on this that really stumped me, but this really got my creative juices flowing.... the recipe behind this creation - what would i like to see on a daily basis and what would i keep in my bag.... this brought out the inner me... the girly side of me... but hey, my DD1 and teenage sister likes it too, so i say it was created for the young, the teen and the young at heart (that would be me) in mind.... hope i've inspired you to play along with the challenge or get creative in general...
it's friday, and our annual county fair is here for the weekend.... so we'll be heading out this evening for a night of yummy food, games, walking around and maybe even some rides!! Wishing you all a wonderful Friday and a great weekend ahead! Thank you to everyone that stopped by yesterday for the sweet comments on my return! i MISS you all and can't wait to start sharing ideas again!!! ta-ta for now... and THANKS for visiting today!!! Smile!


  1. Hi sis! Awesome project. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend. Hugs :)

  2. So good to see you posting and creating!! Awesome project!

  3. WOWZERS, this is awesome Kris! Way to come back to crafting with a bang! I've missed seeing your fab creations, it's nice to see you back in the groove! :)

  4. Wow! That notebook is a fabulous comeback project. It's great to see you are creating and sharing again. Thanks! Have fun at the fair.

  5. OMG! This is soooo cool! What an awesome project and a re-introduction back to blog/craft world. We've missed you! Mahalo for sending me the pictures of your son and family. So glad you're back. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs,

  6. Oh wow Kris, that is quite an awesome project you did. Beautiful work! Glad to see you back!

  7. WOW! You haven't skipped a beat! U shua u get one newborn?! Your notebook is gorgeous!! Welcome back!

  8. what a way to make a comeback! this is an awesome notebook! good luck with the contest! you're a winner in my book!

  9. WOW, what a work of art. This is awesome and I totally love it.

  10. Fabulous creation, Kris! Great idea!


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