Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Winner!

Happy Halloween!!!

Wishing you all a very safe and FUN-filled Halloween!!!

Thank you to all who have participated in my blog candy giveaway!! I had so much fun reading what you all would dress up as! Really, it would be an awesome Halloween party if we could all get together!! =D

DH did the honors of pulling a name.... (sorry he did not want to be photographed) yes, i did it the old fashion way of writing all the names on pieces of paper, shaking it all up and pulling a name.... and the name that DH pulled was............. FAIRY BRENDA!!!! Congrats girl!!! Please email me your info so i can get your SURPRISE bag out to you! oh did i mention you have to send me a picture of yourself dressed as a fairy, before i send you your prize??? LOL, i'm kidding girl! Congrats!!!

i have to share something funny a friend shared with me... not really a joke but a saying... "Child comes home from trick-or-treating and Mom and child goes through the candy to take out the ones not good for the child. Child says, Funny how all the candies that aren't good for me is Mom's favorite!" totally classic! i think i would do something like that, LOL!

well, i'm off to finishing up the last of things around my house... a little baking and some light cooking for this evening's festivities... can't wait to get my kiddies into their costumes... i have an asian princess, a bumble bee and a ghost.... i think my ghost is cuter than Casper.... hehe! so have tons of fun and i'll be back tomorrow for a bossy challenge!


  1. Big congrats Brenda! Happy Halloween :)

  2. You mean I won? Woohoo! Happy Halloween!

  3. Hey girl! Happy Halloween to you and your family! Be safe and have lots of fun! :)

    Psst . . . got some "happy" stuff in the mail . . . thank you girl! :) I'm gonna have to share it to the world!


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