Friday, October 22, 2010

Christmas Cards pt1

Heeeellooooo there!!! am i driving you all crazy with my Christmas creations?! hehehe... hope not... but really, that's what's been taking up my craft time lately... i'm almost done with the whole order and then i can start creating other things... got some new stamps in the mail today and can't wait to ink them up... but first things first... today i'm sharing with you a few regular cards i've finished, since i've already shared the stair steps...
each card is unique... i didn't follow any aketches, nor did i repeat any... my mix of papers are slightly different on each... do you like these so far??? i'll be back later with the rest...

well, the weekend is here! boy where did all the time go... and hubby comes home again... YAY!!! what's on my agenda this weekend?? hmmm, hopefully sometime with the girls at the pumpkin patch and then some shopping for crafts... don't i have enough already?? HA! no!! hehehe... what are you all doing this weekend???

alright, time is flying by and i need to finish up some things before hubby gets home... but before i go i also wanted to share some happy mail with you....
i was super excited to receive a box from my aunty yesterday... she knows how much i LOVE Coach bags and sent me one... Yippppeeee!!! she's been having fun shopping at the Coach outlet in CA and i'm so happy she thought of me... best part about this bag... the inside lining is BLUE!!! can it not be any more perfect for me! LOL...

okay, okay.... i'm going... Have a fantastic Friday and a FABULOUS weekend!! be back soon!! ta-ta!! Hugs!


  1. You can never drive me crazy with your cute cards. You did a great job on your order. I can't wait to see the rest of the cards that you made. What a awesome surprise from your Auntie. Everyone likes to spoil you esp. from Calif. :) BTW, what stamps did you order that you can't wait to ink up? Have a great weekend with Allen, your kids, and of course shopping.

  2. Love the mix of Christmas cards, Kris! I have a hard time making the same of anything too many times & am still trying my hand at following a sketch. Guess I'm just a free bird... lol! Super Cute bag!! This weekend is will be my nephews' birthday party tomorrow night, and getting MY Christmas cards started. And some twinchies. And gearing up for Scrapbook Expo next weekend.. woot! :) Enjoy your family weekend, girl!!!!

  3. Super cute cards Kris. And what a fantastic aunt you have. I went to our coach outlet last week and saw that same style in a deep purple and another one in chocolate brown that are on my wish lists. Have fun with it.

  4. Wow Kris! What a great bunch of cards!! And you are so talented to be able to make each on different and without any sketches!! Oh, and I LOVE your new Coach bag! :-)

  5. Oh my word-ALL of these are adorable and I can't beleive how far ahead you'll be for the season! And let me just tell you, I am purse-shopping these past few weeks and the coach store was CLOSED in the HNL airport a few weeks ago, LOL! Good thing for me cuz window shopping isn't my strong suit, HA! What a FABULOUS happy in happy mail! Yayyy!

  6. these are all beautiful cards!

  7. More Christmas cards? R U kididng me? Whoa, they are so awesome! I'm digging the differences in all of them. Awesome job Kris. Can't wait to see what you've got up next. You inspire me girl! MAHALO! Hugs,

  8. Cute purse, Kris!
    Beautiful cards!


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