Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trial and Error

Found sometime to squeeze in a new creation.... My 1 yr old's security blanket is her burp cloths... but it's so plain looking... unless you can find the print ones... so, because we are always misplacing it, i bought a whole bunch and keep it in a closet for when we need more... recently i've added strips of extra fabric to the cloths for color and kiddie prints like HK, princess and dora... easy right! decided tonight to run some fabric through my big shot... and Ta-Da! this was a "try" project so i didn't add much on... she took it away as soon as i was done ironing it...
Easy steps:
wunder under
sizzix die/machine
1. iron the wunder under to the fabric
2. place on sizzix die and run through machine
3. peel backing off
4. place on material/fabric/etc
5. iron on
simple! just like the iron on appliques...
Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. this is a cute idea! when my daughter was a baby...and now...she loves her blankies too! what I did was buy fabrico pens and stamp pads and decorated her blankies! she still loves them till this day! just iron the ink and the heat sets it into the fabric. that was lots of work...but lots of fun too! TFS!


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