Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stickin' with it!

literally speaking....

hiya friends!! sorry for the lack of posting and sharing... i've fallen victim of the never ending computer issues! ugh!!!!! NO likey! i had something planned to share yesterday, however, something wiped my computer and my poor wonderful hubby was trying to recover everything all day... we finally got the comp running by afternoon THEN my libraries were completely empty!! i was on the edge of just bursting in tears... i know, i know, why didn't i back it up?!? no excuse there, i try to on my flash drive when i remember and well.... i'm guilty of not doing it in a while... so i'm sitting in my craft room just ready to cry, being scolded by the hubs and i'm thinking to myself, man, my laptop isn't even a year old and it's already acting up?!?!? any computer tech (no hubs isn't) would know that data isn't really lost, and THANKFULLY i was able to restore ALL my files, documents, pictures, etc.... ok, ok, i haven't quite restored it all yet, but in the progress of doing so... =D YAY me!! i must've been good.... LOL... now i have to put a sticky note next to my comp to remind me to flash my files... hehehe!

anyway, i'm just sharing my journal page for Week 15 of he-Art Journaling with The Greeting Farm... this week's assignment was "Stickin' to it!" use little or lots of sticky-ness!
and here's my page... got to play with washi tape, adhesive chipboard, stickers and dimensional stickers... this was really fun, as you can tell from my page... very colorful, happy, cheerful....

hahaha, yes i know i haven't shared my page for week 14, but it was so pathetic i don't want to.... LOL... but you can go spy it in the gallery... not my best work... LOL...

sorry for the hit and run... i've got tons of things to do and little time to do it... hope to get my special thing finished soon too because that is something i really want to share with you... stay tuned... =D and THANK YOU for 'stickin' with me!!


  1. what a cute colorful page!! oh so glad to hear you were able to recover your files!! must have been quite a day for you! i better go backup my stuff too...
    have a wonderful day Kris! ;)

  2. Oh this is TOO CUTE. Love the happy theme and it sure put a smile on my face.

  3. This looks fun... very cute Kris!

  4. Hello my friend. I am so so sorry about your computer. I WOULD have been in tears and the M&Ms and Jerry would have been trying their hardest to keep quiet and not look in my direction. lol.. I tend to get very stressed when I can't figure out how to fix a problem with my computer. If and when you get the chance could you let me know what I have to do to back up my computer? I have never done that. Anyway my friend your card is just adorable. I think you are so very talented. Hope you have a great weekend. Hugs, Lisa

  5. I am so glad you guys were able to recover your files, Kris! I would probably in tears if I couldn't get my stuff back! I always save my stuff on my external drive so even when my computer was infected with virus (like 2, 3 times already!) my files were fine. I don't use the laptop often so I am not familiar with that..

    Wonderful page, girly! Hope you are doing well!

  6. Great job with the washi tape. I just found some great ones from Japan and your photo has inspired me to use them in a new way. Thanks! Glad to hear your computer problems are fixed. I need to save my stuff too...thanks for the reminder.

  7. Love your journal page! So fun and colorful! glad you got your files back! phew! have a great weekend!

  8. Oh Kris, I'm sorry you had computer issues...I dread those! But it's so nice that you did recover all your files, yeah! I confess that I rarely remember to back up my files too, I should really do it more often!
    I LOVE your heart journaling page! Such a great use for those MAMBI kids, it's just so happy I can't help but smile looking at it! :) Awesome work!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. No sorries for lack of posting, ya nut! I have kept you plenty busy this week! ;) Loving the stickers- TOO cute! What a great page of family memories you have here!


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