Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catching up....

Happy Hump Day!!! =D i have to admit that i've been slacking a little (well, maybe ALOT) with taking pictures and uploading them.... hehe... i guess life caught up to me after all... Lil' man is almost 6 months now and he doesn't really sleep through the day.... short naps and then wants to play for as long as he can... so i'm pretty much limited during the day... that doesn't mean i've stopped crafting... crafting hours are at night, when the house is asleep... and let's just say for the time being, i've fallen into an old routine and staying up til about 3-4am just to finish stuff... comprehendable on 4 hours of sleep?! sometimes.... LOL try to sneak in a nap in the afternoons... doesn't always work though... hehe... if my body (and mind) could handle my once beloved all nighters, believe me, i would! LOL.... i don't think the late nights will last very long... i'm just trying to prep for a craft fair/bazaar coming up next weekend...

going through what i already have loaded on my comp, i came across these pix that i haven't shared with you yet... Thanks to Joy U. for her fabulous clutch kit, i managed to make these little goodies for DD1's hula sisters... it was a hit as they all are lil' divas in the making... haha!
made about 20 for the girls and then did 3 more for DD1's kumu and the assistants... then i decided to whip up a few more to send as Christmas gifts to some blogging sisters... so sorry i failed to snap some pix of those before it was sent out... i was totally under pressure to hurry and get them out before Christmas...

also made some post-it holders using acrylic frames... my initial intention was to have these made and go out as Christmas gifts, but i wasn't able to finish much... the lack of photo frame sizes i wanted played a big part in not completing as well as time... it really made a cute set with the post-its and some paper and binder clips that matched... but with what i had done, i managed to send these out to some blogging sisters too!

my goal for the weekend?!?! upload the rest of the pictures and share them... i was blessed with lots of love from some blogging sisters who have sent wonderful gifts, beautiful cards and a whole lot of holiday wishes and i want to say "THANK YOU" for thinking of me and my family during the holidays!! The friendship leaves an imprint forever! i tried to take pictures of what i received, but i wasn't always quick enough and the kiddies decided they wanted to help me open my presents... so i caught whatever i could before they terrorized the packaging... will share that soon too!

Thanks for coming by today!! Hope you all have a beautiful day and i'll be back soon with more sharings!!


  1. can't wait to see the other projects you've been working on. love those clutches! i can see why DD's hula sisters fell in love with them too! i also love my post it holder which reminds me of you every time i use a post it! take care my friend!

  2. Wow, you are amazing girl, how did you do it with a new baby! I LOVE my clutch, thanks so much Kris!!!

  3. Wonderful job with all the purses. I'll snap a picture of the one I received along with the rest of the goodies you sent. I can relate to the late nights, I don't have a 6 month old, but time does get away and sometimes those all nighters are killers. Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures. Have a great Thursday!! Hugs,

  4. Oh my goodness girl! That clutch was da bomb! So cute . . . I think I'll use it to my next date night with hubby! Ok, maybe like in 10 years! hee, hee! I know what you mean about lack of time to yourself - I'm right there with ya. Well, it's good to see you crafting and sharing again! Take care.

  5. Wow! Your Little Man is already 6 months old. Time sure has gone by fast. I can't wait to meet him in person soon and play with him. I have been like you staying up to work on things. Of course not as late as you do though. It would be cool if we could hang out and stay up together. I am not sure if we could get any crafting done with all the chatting we would be doing. :) Great job on all the your projects. You are always so creative and do such good work. Can't wait to see what you received from Christmas from some of your blogging sisters.

  6. omg 3am-4am?? LOL!

    Awesome projects! I love the clutch!

  7. You've been a busy girl! Love all of the clutches you made too! Looking forward to seeing your other projects.


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