Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blog Award 2011

Wow!!! my poor blog has been SO neglected!! i'm feeling much better (health, mentally, physically... basically the whole works) and hope to come back full blown!! The new year didn't quite start off right but i did vow to make the BEST of the rest of the year!! and i do have explanations on why i've been missing...

all started off with catching a cold before the holidays (Christmas and then a relapse before New Year's)... so of course being down and out made me not want to craft... haha, i still did some anyway... we rang into the new year with fabulous friends, wouldn't change that.... but then we got really bad news on New Year's morning... a family tragedy that left all of us in the gloom... paid our respects and laid a wonderful smile to rest last weekend... and well, it's time to cherish memories and move on... so, that is why i haven't been around much!!

i have to say, coming back with a wonderful blog award from 2 wonderful ladies put me in the spirit of getting my "buns" back here.... and i'm truly looking forward to a brand new year of crafting, learning, sharing and all things new!!! so here goes....

A very BIG THANK YOU to Lynn and Leanne for sharing this wonderful blog award with me! it is an awesome surprise to receive and i do thank you both for becoming fabulous friends with me and sharing your creativeness with me and the rest of the world, for all the love, support and encouragement too!! these girls are absolutely wonderful and you have to check out their blogs!!it wil get you in the mood to create!

with receiving this award, i am to do the following:

1. Thank the person(s) that sent it to me

2. Share 8 things about myself

3. Pass it on to 8 bloggers

well, since i've received this twice, i'll share a little more than 8 things about me and i'll pass this onto 16 bloggers.... let's get started!

Another Thank you to Lynn and Leanne for this beautiful award!!

a few things you may not have known about me....

1. i am the only child from my mother and father but i have 4 half sisters and 1 half brother and 1 step sister and 1 step brother

2. born and raised in Hawaii but i do not have any Hawaiian ancestry.

3. i have a mixture of Japanese, Filipino and Chinese nationalities.

4. had my first child when i was 19.... (young i know, but i wouldn't change that choice for anything in the world!)

5. my hubby and i started dating when i was a junior in high school.... 10 years later (ok not yet, but in May), here we STILL are, stronger and still deeply in love... =D

6. i LOVE volleyball... and still wished i had the push to play in high school...

7. one weakness in crafting is ribbon! Love it! even if i know i won't ever use it, if it's pretty, i'll buy it... LOL

8. my all time favorite character is Hello Kitty

9. i LOVE monkeys!! they are so cute!! and my kiddies have atleast one item of clothing with monkeys on top!

10. my favorite Disney movie is Mulan, but Tangled is a close second.

haha! did you have fun reading my random facts about me?! like my daughters would say... "That's so RANDOM!"...

i pass this blog award onto the following bloggers... (in no particular order)

Brenda ~ Kim ~ Colleen ~ Joy S. ~ Amy ~ Jodi ~ Jessica ~ Tasha ~ Lisa G. ~ Kristy ~ Pam ~ 1LuvnMama ~ Tanya ~ Shirley ~ Cheryl ~ Teri

Ladies, please accept this award! Thank you for all of the inspirations and friendship!!

okay, so i followed the rules of accepting this award.... but really, all my blogging friends are an inspiration to me... so, i'm bending it just a little to say... take this award anyway whether your name was listed or not... because ALL of you have inspired and ecouraged me in one way or another and i am THANKFUL for all of you!!!!

come back tomorrow as we welcome back Lollipop Crafts from their mini break and into a EXCITING AND FUN NEW YEAR!!! Hugs!


  1. :) you deserve to get this award tons more times. I loved reading the tidbits about you. tfs! Hugs

  2. thank you for this award. you are so deserving of it! sorry to hear that you new year is off to a rough start. i totally can relate with you. hang in there because things do get better... eventually. take care! happy crafting!

  3. Congrats Kris on your wonderful award. I think you do indeed think that you deserve it. I also want to thank you for listing me. You have always been such a help to me and always more than willing to go out of your way. I would so put you on my list of blogs to get this award, but you might screen at me if you had to do it a super weekend. And I hope that everything starts to get better for you and the family. Hugs as always, Lisa

  4. It's always nice to know a little more about our friends. :) Thanks for sharing some 411 about yourself and thank you so much for passing on this awesome award to me!


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