Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guess who's BACK?!?!?

Hiya friends!!! I'm FINALLY back!! and hope to be posting on a regular basis again!

Wow, it feels like i've been away for months, but really it's only been nearly 2 months! I'm happy to be back and getting crafty again! i do have some creations in the works so come back tomorrow (or maybe the next day) to see what i've been working on... but today, i share with you one of my best creations this year...

my miracle baby..... friends, meet my son Keenan!! he's almost 2 months old.... gaining weight and very strong, he overcame his first obstacles of life... healthy as ever now... so this is how i've been spending my time... with the new man in my life... (sorry hubby, i bumped you down a spot, LOL... jus' kidding)...

i'm enjoying my time with my lil' man... these moments are precious and because he is our last, i'm just totally enjoying his every move, every cry, every sound, everything.... i know i'm going to miss having a baby this small around the house once he's grown....

and mommy is already introducing him to crafting... LOL... when he's up, he'll spend some time with me by my side while i craft... no complaints, unless he's hungry...

THANK YOU so much to everyone that sent well wishes, blessings, gifts, love and support our way!! Your friendship is very very appreciated and your kindness leaves an everlasting imprint on my heart... Keenan and i even got to meet some sisters i've met in blogland for the first time!! Thank you ladies for coming to visit us and give us your support!! These sisters knew i was down and out while my son was in NICU so they were sweet to come and spend some time with us... =D... we were bummed we didn't get to meet everyone on Oahu, and i apologize for not keeping in touch, but our real concern was getting healthy and coming home! We were away just too too long...

Now that Keenan has some kind of daily schedule, i can fit in craft time whenever possible... so i look forward to sharing and inspiring you again! Thanks again for being patient with me!! but i'll say it again... I'M BACK!!!! wooohooo! LOL.... really, it does feel really good to have a pen in my hand again... for now, toodles and check back for a sassy creation...


  1. Welcome Back Kris and Welcome Baby Keenan!

    He is so cute and I'm happy you are both doing well!Yes, we all missed you and you and your family were constantly in my thoughts.

    Happy Happy Day, Kris!

    Love & Hugs,

  2. Yes! You're back and everyone is healthy again. I missed reading your blog posts and look forward to learning more from you. Hugs!Lynn

  3. Hi sister! Your baby is adorable. So glad you are back. I missed you so much. Big hugs :)

  4. OMG...Keenan is sooooo ADORABLE!! I know how stressful it is to have your little one in the NICU! I'm glad little Keenan was able to overcome his obstacles and make it home healthy and strong...a true miracle baby and blessing! Congrats again Kris!!

  5. He is soooo cute! Such a great pic! Nice to have you back!


  6. awwww! So super adorbs!! lookin' forward to having you back in blogland! take care!

  7. Hi Kris! So glad to see you back and to hear that you and baby are both doing so well! Keenan is just adorable!!! Missed you! Big hugs!

  8. hey girlie! welcome back! we have definitely missed you! so glad to see that you guys are doing well! take care! btw: colleen was asking about you and keenan.

  9. Kris! I've missed you so much! Your little man is just the cutest!!! I sent you the pic I took of him at the hospital today - I hope you got it! Welcome back sister and can't wait to see what you've been creating! Love you lots!

  10. He's such a cutie pie and it's so good to hear that he's healthy.

    I look forward to you getting crafty again. Have a great weekend!

  11. Welcome back!!!

    Keenan is adorable :)

  12. Welcome back sis! Keenan is so adorable. I can't wait to get to meet him one day soon. I thank the Lord for how He has wathced over both of you. Can't wait to see what you have created. Big hugs!

  13. awww...he is such a cutie pie! So glad you are back, Kris! Can't wait to see what you create!

  14. welcome back!! keenan is too cute :) glad that you are back to crafting, gotta love that schedule. cant wait to see your latest creations. *hugs*


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