Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby Shower Galore!

My, my, my!!! where has all my time gone?! Is it really Thursday?!? LOL, i've kinda lost track of the days... eek!

i do apologize... i'm sure you'll all be queasy over all my baby shower sharings... hehe! but it's all i've been working on for the last week, and all i've got to share with you for now... busy, busy bee... i'm just hoping that some of my creations will inspire you should you ever need to host a baby shower... so let's get going 'cuz this post has a lot of sharing.... =D
my fingers were so sore after making up these clothespins for one of the games.... i wanted to add those cute plastic safety pin favor thingys to this but decided not to after seeing that the curling ribbon did it's job giving this some color... simple... i like that... haha!
as of last night, i officially finished these fillers... wrapped all 50 pens and put them together in those juice containers i saved up... stuffed the containers with some candy for weight so it doesn't topple over, and then stuffed the pens inside...
with some scraps, i managed to cover up these baby food jars... this is another game to be played and the jars looked really ugly once i took off the labels... it was nice to use my scraps for something... and i'm eager to see if the guest can guess what baby food these are....
here's a game my mom always does... guess how many eggs (candy)??? LOL... yes i'm keeping up with my theme... some what... made a band to give it some color... i still have to add my Mommy Anya stamp to it... but first i have to color her up... right now it looks really plain...
again... theme, theme, theme.... here are some of the prize bags for the games... simply added some DP to make them a little bit cuter...
and last but not least... my washcloth candies.... these were too small to make into lollipops, and because i bought a bunch i didn't want to not use them... so i turned them into little candies (like those peppermint candies) and we'll just scatter them on the tables....

i'm almost done with everything... i think the only thing left is to wrap up the centerpieces... thankfully, there are only 4 so i should whip right through it.... prizes are all wrapped... favors are all done... games are all ready to be played... phew... did i cover my portion of what needed to be done.... although a little stressful in trying to complete the crafty part of my projects, it was fun to create and keep my hands busy... tonight is another night of crafting... this time, i hope to work on my cards.... hehe! but i think i need to clean up my craft room first!! hurricane Kris ran right through it... LOL...

off to complete my missions... and i hope to bring you some creations other than baby shower things soon! hehe!! Have a fantastic day!!!


  1. Oh wow Kris.. it will be a fun and BEAUTIFUL (in a boy way, of course LOL) Baby Shower!! Woo Hoo! I appreciate your updates -- believe me, I have favors for a friends' sister's baby shower to get going on for August... the inspiration has helped jog my brain into thinking "Baby". :-)

  2. Wow!! you have been busy!! Everything looks awesome! Sure wish you would have been around for my baby shower! LOL!

  3. my goodness girl! you have definitely been busy! can't believe you're making all these goodies for YOUR baby shower! but let me tell you that if i ever get preggos again, i want you to plan my shower... hehehe! looks like you're going to have lots of fun! take care!

  4. we played the baby food game when my DIL was preggers with jade. YUCK! but fun.

    holy cow! my fingers hurt just looking at all of this! but YOU'RE HIRED!!! fantabulous!

    absolutely love the new blog look!

    hugs :)

  5. boy, oh boy! you sure are one hard working prego hostess for your own pah-tay! it looks like it will be TONS of fun! be sure to take pics of everything all decked out! curious to know what you'll be doing with those clothes pins! have a GREAT time!

  6. wow!! you've been a busy momma... =) I <3 your idea for the washclothes!! That is soo cute.. I might use that idea, hope you don't mind ;), for my co-workers shower. she's having a boy and i think that idea is fantastic. No worries I will definitely give you the credit. Can't wait to see the pictures after everything is set up. I predict everyone will have an awesome time and ooo & aawww over all your hard work. MFS!!! :)

  7. Everything looks great, you busy girl! Take it easy, k? Baby needs some rest! hehe

  8. sister! you are definitely on a roll! so amazing with all your baby shower stuff. so sorry that I couldn't be there to help. glad that everything is turning out well. hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy the fruits of your labor! you ca-ra-zy girl! have a good weekend and take care.

  9. Wow Kris. They are all fantastic!!!

  10. Wow, these creations are so inspirational. You sure were a busy lady. Thanks for sharing :o)

  11. Wowzers Kris! You should be a party planner because your parties always have the coolest decor, games and I'm sure food! You're so crafty! :)

  12. I am ding a pea pod baby shower all I can find is muti Babies but my friend is only having one baby. Do you help


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