Friday, June 18, 2010

Blogaversary Giveaway #3

Ready for round 3?!?!? Sure hope so... be sure to check out who won last week's giveaway here... and of course, here's another chance to try your LUCK at winning some yummies...
another prize pack to embellish your creations... this pack is full of flowers, dew drops, buttons, bling, ribbon, fun flock, clear stamps, decorative staples and a pack of 3D dots (which are actually strips)...

and, rules are rules.... LOL

1. Blog candy is open until Midnight, June 24th HST... Please leave a comment on this post. Winner will be announced on Friday, June 25th.

2. You DO NOT have to be a follower.

3. Answer the following questions. 1. Name 3 craft supplies that best describe YOU. (this can include the necessities to create such as, ruler, glue, etc. or embellies) and 2. What is your signature embellishment on your creations? 3 craft supplies that best describe me are 1. Ribbon for tying up loose ends, 2. Copic pens for my colorful personality and 3. Embossing folders, because i hope to leave a lasting impression on my friends and supporters. I would consider bling (rhinestones, glitter, anything that sparkles) as my signature embellie on my creations...

4. Have fun with this posting...

Can't wait to read about what you have to say to my questions... it's merely for fun and for me (and others) to get to know you better... you don't have to answer them if you don't want to, so please do not feel pressured... i will not eliminate your entry if you don't... remember, it's for FUN!

Thank you again and again, for all your support and kind words in your comments!!! Most of all, for being such wonderful friends!!! Good Luck!!!


  1. 3 Craft supplies that best describe me are DP, glitter pens, stickers. And my signature embellishment bling too & butterflies. Have a great weekend! Big hugs :)

  2. 3 craft supplies that best describe me are 1. Copics because I'd love to paint the world pretty colors 2.Scor-tape for the strong bond between me the people I give my cards to 3. glitter which is nice to make every thing shine. I would have to say my signature embellishment is flowers with buttons, I think everyone should always stop and smell the flowers in there lives.
    Hope that all makes sense. Have a cool weekend, it's raining over here(hehe) ;0)

  3. For the 3 craft supplies I would have to say...1. Miriken two way tape, because Im always depended on and helpful. But also, not flashy. 2.Dew drops..what you see is what you get. Very cute in my own way. 3.DP because Im very colorful! I would say my signature embellie would have to be either a ribbon or dew drops/rhinestone. Thanks again for even more goodies...have an awesome weekend :)

  4. Hi Kris,

    Three craft supplies that represent me:

    1. adhesive--because I stick by my friends!
    2. design paper--because I try to see beauty in everything!
    3. stamps--I like to leave a postive image on everyone I have met.

    And the embellishment that describes me and is my go to item--pearls. Just like people are surprised when they pull an oyster with a pearl in it, I like to surprise people with special cards or surprises when they least expect it, too!

    He IS Able,
    Traci S.

  5. 3 craft supplies taht best describes me:
    1. Crystal Effects= I try my best to shine for Jesus in all I do and say.
    2. Craft tote= I like things to be organized. It gets me dizzy when things are are mess.
    3. Red line tage= I stick to people until the end.
    I don't think I really have a signature embellishment. Thanks another chance to win some blog candy. Have a fabulous weekend.

  6. 1. decorative paper that how my life is full of decoration
    2. Doble sided tape thats how my daily life is doble sided here and there. mom to career.
    3. scissors because I am always cutting the bad things that happened out of my life.

  7. 1. Decorative paper is my ultimate weakness - can't get enough! 2. Paper punches because they're so versatile and they go a long way. 3. Embellishments - it's a BIG category but it's another weakness of mine.
    Thanks for a chance!

  8. Hi Kris! 3 craft supplies that best describe me would be 1) DP for idealistic thinker, takes me a while to decided to think things through. 2) Glue - for a close bonding with family and friends is very imporant to me.
    3)Paper trimmer -I like to have everything in place and neat. My signature embellishment on my creations would be stickles and prima.

  9. congrats to all the winners of this awesome blog candy! are so sweet to keep giving away such wonderful goodies! hope all is well with you. good-luck to all the others who are trying to win!

  10. 3 craft supplies that best describes me are:
    1. Paper trimmer - Keep trying to make things in my life perfect by cutting away what doesn't belong.
    2. Adhesive - Try my best to get things the way I want and keep them that way
    3. (Not sure if this counts, but I have needed it) Whiteout - To erase the bad that's happened in my life and replace it with good.

    Thanks for the chance Kris. Your blog is fabulous and this has been so much fun.
    Hugs, Rosalee


Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your wonderful and sweet comments keep me going! Thank you so very much!! Have a blessed crafting day! Hugs, Kris