Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blogaversary Candy Final Giveaway!!

{{This candy is now CLOSED.}}

Welcome to my final candy giveaway!!! yep, this is the last candy to be awarded to a random winner!!! Thank you all so very much for your year of support throughout my blogging adventures!! i've really had the time of my crafting life here and i hope to pursue more inspirations from you all.... had a bit of computer issues loading the prize pix yesterday so i apologize for the delay in getting this up... it is now up and open!!! more goodies in this prize package... here's a little of what's up for grabs... lots of hero arts clear stamps, a pack of adhesive ribbons, Hello Kitty sizzix, MS crown punch, chocolate brads, fun flock, and some goodies from the new Studio G Sweet Collection that includes some rubber and notepads....

here's the deets:

1. This candy is open until Midnight, July 17th (this is the date of my very 1st posting). Winner will be announced on the 18th.

2. you MUST BE A FOLLOWER of my blog for this candy.

3. Answer the following questions:
1. You are only allowed to take 3 embellies with you to a craft gathering. What would you take?
2. If you could be any color, what would it be and why?

4. Have fun, fun, fun!!

Questions are optional and you will not be disqualified if you don't answer them... make sure to leave a comment on this post before the above deadline.... and again i thank you thank you for all your love and support on my adventures... Hugs!!!


  1. Hi Kris! Congrats again on your blogaversary.

    My answers:
    1. Rhinestones, stickers and butterflies.
    2. I would be PINK! I think is a color that gets well with all the other colors.

    You know sis my blogaversary is coming so I better start thinking in the blog candy. I might case your idea to ask some questions, so I can get to know more about my blogging friends.

    Have a relaxing day! Hugs :)

  2. Hi Kris! Wow, this is some giveaway! This has been a super fun mth for you and happy (upcoming) blogaversary! Ok, so on to the questions...

    1. Glitter, bling and ribbon
    2. Pink! It just makes me happy!

  3. Youa re so sweet, Kris! Another aswesome candy! Wow, girl! Hmm...let's see..I think I would take flowers, ribbons and definitely gems! I think I am a pink girl. I can be cute (:D), I am girly....

  4. Congrats on your upcoming blogaversary! What sweet candy you are offereing. As for 3 embellies, I would say brads, dew drops, and bling! My 4 y.o. daughter said I should be the color green just because it's her favorite color. Take care!

  5. I would birng buttons, ribbon and pearls. I think all my cards have at least one of the three! xx

  6. congrats on your blogaversary! I would bring ribbon, dew drops, and bling! My fav color is can be soft and dramatic! Thanks for your generous candy, and have a great day! ;)

  7. Yay! what a great giveaway.
    I would say I would bring...dew drops, ribbon and some paper flowers. And for a color, I would be a mix between blue and green. Just like the ocean :)

  8. It's been a fun crafting journey with you. :) Thanks for all the wonderful and cute ideas that you have posted. I look forward to what you have to share for many more years to come.
    You have some more very cool blog candy to get a chance to win. I would bring glitter, brads, and ribbon. If I could be any color I would be purple. I am not sure why though?

  9. More Great Candy! Wow Kris, Thanks for the chance. I've been a follower for a while now. Am loving your work and am also looking forward to seeing more of it.
    To answer your questions...

    1. Rhinestones, Ribbon, Flowers
    2. Green. Have always loved that color and other then that I can't think of another reason why. lol

    Hugs, Rosalee

  10. Happy early blogaversary =) Thanks for doing all these amazing giveaways! Hmmm... I think I would take glitter, heat embossing stuff, and bling. Am I able to tie some ribbon to myself so that it doesn't count in my three things ;) I'm not sure what colour I would be... can I be rainbow lol. My favourite colour is green but I don't think I would want to be that colour forever. Keep up the fantastic work with the blog and your creations =)

  11. I am one of your followers and have linked your wonderful blog candy to my sidebar.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win your blog candy.

    Three must have embellishments are..
    Stickles, flowers and ribbons
    I would want to be favorite color because it seems to go with everything and has a great earthy feel.

  12. You're so sweet Kris to be offering another aswesome candy! My favorite embellishments that I must need is ribbons, flowers, and of course stickles. My color would be pink because that's my favorite color. Have a great day!

  13. Hi Kris. Happy Summer and blogaversary to you. I would have to say that if I was limited to just 4 things I would have to have stamped cs, my copics, papertrimmer and my atg...Couldn't do a thing without them all. If I was a color I would be hhhmmmm, brown. It looks yummmy and it can be dressed up to look classic. Hugs, Lisa G

  14. Happy Blogoversary! I love your blog design and your cards are great too LOL If I could be a color it would be RED...because it's bright & firey and HOT! As for the embellies, I would take primas, brads and stickles, i think.

    Great candy, looking forward to following your blog!

  15. Likewise, Happy Blogoversary! My three embellishments would be ribbon, gems and flowers. My color to be would be black *but that's not my favorite color.)


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