Saturday, February 6, 2010

RAK and Joy of Crafting Virtual Guest

Happy EARLY Saturday ya'll!! Sorry i've been MIA the last 2 days... caught a cold last weekend and i've been trying to get rid of it alllllll week! yuck! i finally have my voice back and my throst isn't as sore but i'm still coughing up some yuckies... feel much better though... i think with the weather constantly changing here, hot to cold to hot to cold, it was bound to happen... i put crafting aside since my DT posts so i don't have anything ready to show you... maybe tomorrow...

Oh! so i desperately and hoped so so bad that the DH takes me to see Dear John... the newest Nicholas Sparks novel turned movie... now if you spied my profile, then you know i just LOVE all books by Nicholas... yes, i'm a "freak" fan of his... so we actually had a date planned for tonight (saturday) to watch but i just couldn't wait and kept begging him to take me... =D so he did... and OMGosh! i was tearing in the theater and i didn't care who was looking... come on now, i cried reading the book... LOL, so i just knew i was going to cry watching the movie... if you didn't read the book yet, DON'T!! watch the movie first... you'll be a little disappointed if you already know the story and details...

i have a RAK to share with you from my sweet and dear GF Kim Y.... she really surprised me with some HAPPY mail...
Look at this beautiful Valentine's day card she sent to me... love how she glittered the edges... and the fabulous coloring she did on Izzy!! one word... GORGEOUS!!
here's the goodies that she sent with the card... lots of embellies to play with... and some new clear stamps for me to use too... Thank you SO much Kim!!! it really caught me by surprise to see these goodies waiting for me... and despite how i was feeling, you surely brightened my day!! Hugs to you sweetie!
these next bunch of goodies is actually a goodie bag win from the live taping of our local craft show "The Joy of Crafting" hosted by none other than Joy S... i got some luck and was chosen as one of the neighbor island virtual guests... meaning, i'm not actually at the live taping because i'm not on that island, but i was randomly chosen to receive a goodie bag and have my name mentioned on the show... how FABULOUS is that?! and oh my!! I even got a VIP pass with my name on it... Woohooo! So this is my bunch of goodies from the different sponsors of that special taping... it was taped on January 9th and will air next month.... my family and I had the pleasure of meeting Joy in person over the holidays... She's so lovable and fun... and DD#1 just LOVES her.... Thanks Joy for sending over all these goodies!! can't wait to play play play...
Ah! and she even sneaked in something for the girls!!! HK round tins... we didn't open them yet... it's so pretty i don't want them to open it... but by tomorrow, the packaging will be ripped... =D Thank you Aunty Joy for the goodies!!! DD#1 can't wait until you come again... she keeps asking what you'll make next!! hehe!
Oh my! i sure hope you all stuck with me until the end... that's what happens when i'm deprived of keeping up with my blog... i just have so much to share... LOL... i think i'm getting back in to the sway of things again... now that i'm almost 100% over this cold, i feel up to crafting again... i really miss you all and hope to bring you some creations soon! Come back again will ya! Hugs!


  1. well, i'm certainly glad you are feeling better - and back to your blog. you've been missed. however, you have definitely been on a roll and are truly blessed with some fabulous friends with some very good taste! enjoy all your goodies. can't wait to see what you do with them.

    hugs :)

  2. thanks for sharing all the goods! i'm sure you'll come up with some great cards! hope you're feeling better soon. miss seeing your posts!

  3. Congrats on being choosen on The Joy of crafting virtual guests. Lovely goodies and you deserve it. I really like the card Kim made for you very pretty.

  4. Wow, Kim's card is amazing! Great RAKS for a wonderful person! You for sure will put these to good use and create something fabulous! Take care of your health Kris! Gotta be there for the kids and DH! Oh, for us too! hee, hee! :)

  5. I'm glad you're feeling better! Hugs!!

  6. I Kris, I am so sorry to hear that you have been sick. Glad you are doing better though. One of our local pharmacies is closing and one of our techs quit last week, so I have been putting in over 40 hours a week and trying to hang onto getting my cards know it is so totally unreal, but it is one of the things that I enjoy so I keep on my friend take it easy and get better so you can share your wonderful talents with the world. Hugs to you and the family, Lisa

  7. Love the card and all the goodies... hope you're feeling better! Take care!

  8. Hey Kris! Glad you're feeling better. The mail got there faster than I expected, so I'm happy you finally got your well deserved goodies! Sorry, it took so long, it's been non-stop since New Year's. Guess what? We have something in common besides crafts, SPARKS!Weird, I was just writing about him and how I was working on a scrap page about his books.Thanks for the Dear John tip. Have the book but I'll save it to read on my next trip. So embarrassing but when I read on the plane and start crying!LOL! TFS and enjoy your weekend!

  9. love all your RAKS! you deserve them! can't wait to see what you will create! I had a very busy weekend! hope you enjoyed yourself at the beach! have a great week!


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