Friday, April 16, 2010

a little sweetness!

Hey it's Friday!!! hoooooooray!! i have so much mixed emotions today... today is the official last day the company has me in business... at 4pm, i unplug my comp and all the phones and most of my systems go down... it's really sad and i haven't thought of it much this week since it was super busy getting out all the pending stuff and shipping piles of boxes to the other office in Oahu... i'm really going to feel it today, since i'm the only one left... the last advisor resigned as of yesterday and now it's only little ol' me... since most of the clean up is already done, next week should fly right by... i'm on the clock up until next Friday before i finally say Aloha to the office... but on top of it all, i'm really looking forward to the time off... and thank you all for your wonderful words of encouragement and support on my last post about this... you can only look at the brighter side of the path, somethings can just never change... but like i've said, it's for the better, never for the worst... and i truly believe that... so thanks for sticking with me through the ups and downs of life and hope that i'll be back more often with creations since i'll have a little more time...

speaking of creations.... look at this beautiful card i received in the mail....
this is created by Denise... my OCS partner for the month of April.... didn't she do a wonderful job on this beauty?!?! her LO is wonderful and i LOVE the embellies on here... the coloring is gorgeous too... Thank you Denise for sending this sweetness my way!!!

Teri is the hostess of this OCS fun!!! and she has done such a fabulous job prepping partners and helping with new friendships... these things take lots of time to prep and with her joyful soul, she has put mountains of time into it... well, Teri has decided to step down from this responsibility as of this last OCS... she will now be a player versus the hostess!! Teri, i wish you all the best in your new adventures and thank you deeply for all your effort and love you put into this success!! visit her blog to read up on this anouncement and to see who will reign in her seat... i'm sure you'll recognize the faces and i hope you will still support and be a part of the OCS... go now as May sign ups are well underway....

alright.... time for me to get moving... i really wanna curl up in bed and go back to sleep... maybe i can do that over the weekend!! hehe!! thanks for visiting today!! it means a lot when i can share with you... check back soon for more creations i need to share... and as always, have a wonderful day!!!


  1. Super cute card! TFS Have a very nice weekend :) Hugs!

  2. I know it can be bittersweet for everyone. it's always hard to say good-bye, but it can be a good thing for change. time for some good rest for you and baby. get to crafting girl! lol! hope you have a wonderful Friday and a blessed weekend!

  3. Love this card! Sorry this is your last least you will get to craft full-time! I can't even imagine what you will come up with now that you have all this free time! Lmk if you need anything.


  4. This is such a cute card... I need to get me this image. Have a good weekend!

  5. Luv-ly card from Denise! Well, a new chapter starts for you . . . change is always hard but you are resilient and will manage everything like a pro! You always do! :) Rest, craft, and rest! :)

  6. Well, I guess in a way it's good because you need some rest,so take advantage of your time off, Kris. Yay..more time to create!
    This is an adorable card from Denise! Very sweet!

  7. Denise did such a great job on this card, it's so pretty! You always look on the brighter side of this Kris, always with a positive attitude. Enjoy this time off and take care.

  8. Great OCS card! love those colors! Enjoy the time you'll be able to spend with your girls! Take care of yourself & your lil' peanut!

  9. How sweet Kris!! I love this image and the great papers and layouts you used on her!! So Cute!
    Jodi =)


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